Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gibbons condemned over teddy bear named Muhammad

To 15 days in prison and then to be deported. She says she will appeal the sentence. In the link there is a recolection of today's deeds.

We will see what happens next.


Anonymous said...

School surplus teddy bear for sale due to change in curriculum:

Click 'view larger picture ' and scroll up to view vendor's comments.

Anonymous said...

Remember what happened the last time a 19-year-old girl appealed her sentence after getting raped? A Muslim idea of "appeal" is quite different from ours, I hope this British teacher keeps that in mind.

Pastorius said...

What happened, Vadmim? I don't remember.

Always On Watch said...

An appeal? Not a smart move!

The appellant in that case got a more severe sentence, with the number of lashes increased to 200--because her case had come to the media's attention. I don't recall the original sentence, but the case is the recent one in Saudi.

Always On Watch said...

Your label "too stupid" is spot on!

Anonymous said...

Hmm..tried to comment earlier, but it didn't display. I hope it won't appear twice.

Anyhow....Pastorius, what happened is that a 19-year-old Saudi girl got gang raped and was initially sentenced by the court to 90 lashes for being in the car with a stranger - a man who is not her husband, or close relative. After she and her lawyer complained about the ruling in the media, the court increased the punishment to 200 lashes, as AOW mentioned in the post, and 6 months imprisonment. On top of it all, the girl's brother threatens to kill her for "bringing shame upon the family".

As to Teddy Bear case...I sort of reflected on it in my blog and tried to challenge the idea of naming anything/anyone Muhammad.
I hope you find it interesting!

Anonymous said...

This insult cannot be forgiven. The woman must be publicly shot or beheaded as an example to others.

I am the secretary of the International Union of Teddy Bears, Fluffy Bunnies, Cuddly Toys and allied operatives.

As you may be aware, our union has millions of members throughout the world and representatives in every child's bedroom.

A major part of our duties consists of sleeping with children in an entirely innocent and comforting manner. For over a century parents have had absolute trust that they could put us to bed with their sons and daughters and they would not be harmed.

Imagine therfore our horror when we found that this 'teacher' had so corrupted her students as to associate one of our members with history's most notorious pedophile.

Off with her head!!!!

- Mr Edward Behr