Tuesday, November 27, 2007

University of Florida Officially Condemns Showing Of Movie "Obssession"

As far as I can tell this is a real email which was sent to all University of Florida students by the V.P. of Student Affairs:

Here is the text of an email that was sent to every student at the
University of Florida by the vice president for student affairs. Note,
please, the hyphenated name.

November 26, 2007

To: All University Students
From: Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin
Vice President for Student Affairs

Re: Official Response to a recent advertisement for the movie "Obsession"

Throughout our country, we have witnessed a rise in offensive behavior
and actions taken against others, which has created greater
divisiveness and misunderstandings among the various ethnic groups
residing in our communities. One of these events occurred on our
campus recently with the promotion of an event.

Advertisements for the movie "Obsession" sponsored by several student
organizations appeared during the past several weeks on campus
bulletin boards and they illustrate the importance of balancing
freedom of speech with responsibility.

The ads, which promoted a showing of the movie on Nov. 13 and a panel
discussion afterward, entitled "Radical Islam Wants You Dead,"
offended many Muslim students on campus. Regardless of its original
intent, the language reinforced a negative stereotype, created
unnecessary divisiveness and contributed to a generalization that only
furthers the misunderstanding of the religion of Islam.

We cannot speak of rights without also addressing the responsibility
associated with our actions or statements, including understanding the
potential consequences. One of our roles as a learning institution is
to teach our students to express themselves freely, and also in a fair
and conscientious manner. In an academic setting, differences of
opinions are strongly encouraged, yet such opinions must be based on
accurate information when describing other members of the community.

Unfortunately, in the case of the "Obsession" ads, that did not
happen. I believe the groups that posted them owe the campus, and
particularly campus members of the Islamic faith, an apology and a

At the University of Florida we have embraced a set of values, one of
which is diversity. Diversity is not just about having representation
from various cultures on campus, it also is having each member
contribute to an inclusive and safe environment and collectively
enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the richness brought
by such differences. The University of Florida is committed to being
an institution of excellence, where all members are valued and feel
safe on our campus. Our role as an institution is to create
opportunities for students to learn in an open and accepting
environment; one that emphasizes respect for all. Let's remember that
part of our mission is to prepare each other to be effective members
of a global community. With that in mind, I encourage each member of
our campus community as a start to learn more about the religion of
Islam and some of its tenets of peace, hard work, charity and compassion.

There is little room for divisiveness in our world if we are to find
peace and understanding among us. We all can win if we focus on
greater inclusion and understanding as well as the delicate balance
between our rights and responsibilities.

As per usual, diversity means including even those who would destroy diversity.

Let us be clear, the movie Obssession highlights "radical Islam." Radical Islam is characterized by its desire to see Sharia law implemented in countries around the world.

Sharia law calls for the stoning to death of all apostates, adulterers, and homosexuals.

Sharia law is opposite to the Western tradition of Freedom of speech, conscience, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sharia law is the constitution of the state of Saudi Arabia. As such it is the governmental idea of another state, just as the ideas of communism were the governing ideas of the Soviet Union.

Advocating for the implementation of Sharia law within the Western world is sedition.

There is no room for such law in the Western world.


VinceP1974 said...

I'm seething in rage at this email. How the f*ck do these people think they are?? The people who showed the film owe an apology?! WHAT?!!

The Muslim students are offended? Too fucking bad.

I'm going to find this woman's email and send her a piece of my mind

VinceP1974 said...

I found it
I sent this crappy email

I saw an email that you sent to the student body regarding the movie Obsession.

How dare you demand an apology from the people who showed the film. Have you actually watched the film ma’am? Do you understand the threat these people (the Jihadis) represent and the power of their movement that is growing every day?

Muslims on your campus are offended? Oh really… well they should be offended by their Radical co-religionists and not people here who have simply NOTICED them.

You said opinions should be based on accurate information… well what is more accurate than TV broadcasts and sermons made by Muslims themselves!

Radical Islam is in a perpetual war against all Non-Muslims. I will not be silent! Who do you think you are that I should be quiet about a threat to my way of life.

You owe everyone an apology.

truepeers said...

This woman calls for responsibility in the use of free speech. Well, ok, because freedom and responsibility are synonymous: freedom emerges from necessity.

But what about her own conception of responsibility? Do you think there is a snowball's chance in Florida that she will ever engage in a serious debate in which she is challenged on her dhimmitude or her diversity ranting by someone well informed and articulate on the problems with such?

The clue to her non-thinking is here:
There is little room for divisiveness in our world if we are to find
peace and understanding among us.

This is pure Gnostic Utopianism. Does she not know how irresponsible it is to give young people the impression that we can live in a world without conflict? Does she not know that conflict is inherent to the human condition and the real evil is done by those who think they have some "solution" to it? She is a totalitarian but she's too stupid to know it. That is why she will never engage in a free and open debate in which her own conception of responsibility is challenged.

truepeers said...
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Pastorius said...

Good point, TruePeers.

And, I would add, that when she says there is little room for divisiveness, she includes critical analysis. The method of critical analysis requires that we make distinctions and have arguments. Distinctions and arguments are inherently divisive.

In fact, if you think about it, all thinking requires that distinctions be made, so thinking itself is divisive.

When you get right down to it, this woman would prefer that no one thinks.

truepeers said...

Free speech means hurt feelings... For heaven's sake what else could it possibly ever mean? Most of academia no longer lives in reality. Look for the hyphenated names as a clue why, indeed.

truepeers said...

more of my thoughts on this story at Covenant ZOne.

Anonymous said...

From her bio.

"Dr. Telles-Irvin is interested in issues of acculturation and diversity, as well as women’s concerns and student development."

Dr T-E seems to be loving the Euro-mindset of causing defeat within her own borders.

But, what about those pesky honor killings and beatings? Must not be a real problem, I suppose

Gosh, hope I didn't offend her.

Pastorius said...

You do run a high risk of offending this woman if you bring up reality.