Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time to end it

As the civil war over Vlaams Belang (not the compulsory Counterjihad conference) mutates into a degrading slime of personal condescension, superiority, arrogance, venom, vendetta, ego, paranoia and silliness we can all see this takes on a life of it's own, apart from the issues, which by themselves, on the facts are not capable of changing our minds, hearts or suspicions.

There can be no doubt this entire mess can be construed to be stereotyped by both sides as the socialist fake conservative dogooder pontificating PC multiculturalists VS the crypto fascist white power KKK bedsheet hiding whackos.

How far do we want to go?

As Ollie once is quoted to have said .... we have all sat too long on this for any good we have or can do.

This is now like a major league baseball player in a cocktail lounge at 2 AM. Nothing good can happen.

It is time to stop right now.


Pastorius said...

Ok, I'll shut up.


Always On Watch said...

Yes, this mess has taken on a life of its own.

The adult behavior now is to let it rest where it is.

Time for a return to sanity. IMO, the points and counterpoints are now self-destructive. There's really nothing more to say--again, IMO.

I, for one, have better things to do.

In other words, I'm with Ollie.

Kiddo said...

AOW, completely. I almost started a blog just to chronicle it. You guys should just carry on as usual. Especially with Annapolis and all. Much more serious news to discuss, IMHO.

Pastorius said...

Conservative Swede,
What are you? A commie union thug?

We'll do what we want with our blog.

We will speak out against the things that we don't belive in.

IBA has represented both sides of the issue you are concerned with because I wanted it to represent both sides of the issue.

Go start your own blog and stop telling others how to run theirs.

Pastorius said...

If you really want to keep wasting your time, I can always go to comments moderation.

truepeers said...

Well, sometimes it is time to just quiet things down.

However, with all due respect you can't put an end to conflict, you can only defer it. And you can't usually defer it by asking/telling people to shut up. You have, instead, to show the way to a shared transcendence of the present conflict...

KG said...

I read and enjoy both IBA and GOV and it's sad to see the current slanging match.
We have a common enemy and can't afford to waste time and energy with this stuff.
Truepeers is right--all of us agin radical islam need to transcend the crap and get on with the job. :-)

X said...

If I may say so, I find the whole argument depressing too. However, I believe, as I pointed out over at GoV, that you've got the wrong end of the stick completely. Dymphna was trying to demonstrate that racism can be found just about anywhere if you look hard enough, so long as you discount the absurd lengths you will have to go to in order to find it. She demonstrated that by going to incredibly absurd lengths to find "racism" here and, lo and behold, there it was.

With enough work you could prove that mahatma ghandi hated native americans if you wanted.

Do you see the point?