Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sudan: Islamic Fanatics Demand Death For "Teddy Bear" Teacher

The madness of crowds? No wait, this is just your average, ordinary, everyday madness of Islam in action, isn't it? I mean, does it surprise you that Muslims in some country want a woman dead for allowing her students (who were Muslim themselves) to name a Teddy Bear Mohammed?

It it does surprise you, you haven't been paying much attention.

Well, now that you are, let me tell you, this kind of idiotic behavior of a people who also insist that Piglet is dangerous, that cartoons are provoking them into rioting across the world, that a woman who is gang-raped ought to be whipped publicly because she committed adultery in the act of being raped.


Always On Watch said...

Is the UK government going to let this go???

The press too???

I heard on the news just now that the British diplomats weren't even allowed in the courtroom. Also, something about a confrontation of her lawyer with others in the courtroom, but I didn't get the details.

nanc said...

i repeat what i said at aow's:

"what slays me about this is that in the news lately they've been posing the question "to spank or not to spank" our children and is it abuse to swat them - of course all the libtards come out and say its child abuse, but they ALL stand back at the downright atrocious behavior of the izzies beating people nine ways from sunday and on all special occasions!


i'm sick of izlam and am happier than a pig in mud that i do not have to spend an eternity in hell with them!"

please forward my fatwaback and greens through the proper channels - thank you ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Why is this foreign woman on trial.

It was the muslim children that named it mohammed. Surely they should know better and be the piglets hanged. If not (which i think as it is not childrens fault) then bring the muslim parents to trial and stone and murder them so that the real culprits are punished!

Anonymous said...

if the muslims can want murder to a non-muslim over a teddy bear, just think what this evil devilish kult would do to decent good fearing people who believe in justice, honesty, equality and most importantly god..not this lie of adam and eve that is proven to be a deceit...

Unknown said...

Ok? Yeah it nots right but guess what you would do the same if a muslim called their teddy bears or dogs "Jesus", That wouldnt be right, as for the children, THEY ARE CHILDREN THE TEACHER SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Yeah she shouldnt be killed for it, but I mean you have to look at it from both sides. What if your sons teacher was a muslim lady. And as a class pet, they have a bunny (w/e), so the teacher(muslim) allows the students(christians) to name the pet Jesus(Theyre kids so they dont know better). This would make YOU angry for disgracing a holy figure by comparing him to a bunny. I mean it would be the teachers fault, but again its not a crime to be killed, or fired for. Just a simple complain would be enough.

Pastorius said...

No, actually it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Unknown said...

To Annyomus:
What on earth are you saying, THEYRE CHILDREN, your sick, your a evil person by saying you want children to be hanged cuz their muslim, what has the children done to you,, their innocent kids that dont have to deal with you.. MY GOD, WOULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT A CHRISTIAN KID? NO YOU WOULDNT. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE THE WORLD EVIL AND HATEFUL. PLEASE PUT YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT AND NOTICE WHAT YOURE SAYING, CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION OR CULTURE, THEY WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING TO YOU. YOUR PATHETIC!

Unknown said...

Yes, it would! Im chistian and if someone said that about Jesus I would be angry to!

Pastorius said...

That is foolishness. God is far to huge, loving, and wise to care about such trivialities.

Unknown said...

Yes thats true, but when are devoted to a relgion you would get angry as well if someone tryed to hurt it. For example, now a days they use YOmoma jokes, People get offended when you humililate something they love(your mom)
Yea they were wrong but the teacher should have had control over the students. Its wrong on both sides, muslims for going bolistic over a small issue(But i mean that offfended them, like when you say the "N" word to black people, they would be angry, they have the right to be angry but it was exaggerated) and the teacher should have known better and should of took the time to know each student as a indivual so if she knew where the students were coming from, she would not allowed to happen

Pastorius said...

You wrote: For example, now a days they use YOmoma jokes, People get offended when you humililate something they love(your mom)

I say: Yeah, I don't really care when people say stupid things. It just doesn't bother me.