Sunday, June 22, 2008

"African Youths" Brutally Beat Jewish Teenager In Paris

Never again, huh?
The media will do anything to avoid criticism of Islam. They will call a person "racist" for criticism of a religious ideology. They will blame crime and rioting on "youths." They will blame other crime and rioting on "Asians."

And now, they show us, they will even go so far as to blame crime on "African youths."

Anything to avoid using the word, "Muslim."

From Haaretz:

A 17-year-old French Jew was attacked on Saturday night in Paris, a violent assault condemned by President Nicolas Sarkozy and that Jewish organizations said was motivated by anti-Semitism.

The young man, identified as Rudy Haddad by one Jewish organization, was attacked by youths of African origin, according to a police source and a statement from the National Agency of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism.

The agency cited the use of iron bars in the attack. Haddad is suffering from "serious neurological problems," a police source said.

Another Jewish group, the Union of French Jewish Students, said Haddad had been identified as Jewish because he was wearing a kippa (skull cap), and had suffered several broken ribs, a fractured skull and was now in intensive care at a hospital in central Paris.

"The victim was wearing a kippa and was on his way back home, when his attackers, after identifying him as Jewish, started to beat him," the union said.

The exact number of attackers was not immediately known, ranging from 6 or 7 up to 30, depending on sources. Haddad's father told French radio RTL there were around 15 attackers.

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