Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Game Is Up! Saudi Arabia Invited to Invest in British Nuclear Power Stations

THE TELEGRAPH: Gordon Brown has invited oil-rich states like Saudi Arabia to invest in the next generation of British nuclear power stations.

The Prime Minister extended the invitation to OPEC members as part of a deal he will propose at a summit in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. 

Mr Brown said he wants oil producers to allow Western energy firms to invest in their fields, increasing OPEC's extraction and refining capacity. 

In exchange, he said, Western oil-consumers led by Britain should open their economies to investment from oil-states' sovereign wealth funds. In particular, he said, sovereign funds should be encouraged to invest in alternative energy sources, including nuclear power.

The government has signalled its willingness to license a new wave of nuclear power reactors in Britain, but there are doubts about the energy industry's appetite for funding new stations. Gordon Brown Invites Saudi Arabia to Invest in Britain's Nuclear Industry >>> By James Kirkup in Brussels | June 21, 2008

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Anonymous said...

This is not new Mark. Hugh Fitzgerald over at has frequently noted an article by J. B. Kelly printed June of 1979 in the now out-of-print "Encounter" magazine, titled "Of Valuable Oil and Worthless Policies".

Western powers that be, have believed now (for generations) that to secure favorable oil contracts in the ME, the West would sell themselves out.

. . .in the guise of "recycling", a magical process by which the vast sums paid out for oil would be recovered both by the sale of equally vast quantitites of industrial goods and arms and by luring the Arabs into investing their financial surpluses in the West. What few paused to consider, or if they did, resignedly rejected as impracticable, was whether it would not be wiser to press for a reduction of oil prices. After all, if for any reason the contracts for arms and other Western manufactures were to be cancelled, the West would still be compelled to pay excessive prices foroil without being able to offset them by the sale of Chieftain Tanks and F-16's."

That 30 year old article is a must read.

Oil holds the value we permit to assign it. Policies which prevent reasonable value for oil - like restrictions on domestic drilling & refinement, restrictions on alternate energy sources like nuclear, wind or solar - these policies in effect raise the value of crude, as OPEC and speculators see fit.

Taking a lesson from the 1980's and the Silver scandal,

In 1979 the sons of patriarch H.L. Hunt, Nelson Bunker and William Herbert, together with some wealthy Arabs, formed a silver pool. In a short period of time they had amassed more than 200 million ounces of silver, equivalent to half the world's deliverable supply

the WEST should tap all available resources and flood the market with energy options. It will take time as equipment necessary to tap/process these resources are scarce in supply. Industry has some catch up to do - a process which will benefit our economy here as well.

Wake up, suck the value out of jihad juice and defund jihad now.

Ali Sina, Hugh Fitzgerald, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, Bat Ye'or et al. continue to expose the fraud of this supremacist doctrine, while Mark Steyn and a formidable army of bloggers expose the stealth jihad of dawa, demographics, dhimmitude or death.

Islam delende est

Mark said...

Do us the favour of signing your name next time!

Pastorius said...

We allow anonymous comments here because they are entertaining, and sometimes, they are among the most informative, for good and bad reasons.

Mark said...

That's your choice. I find them annoying, especially when you get more than one anonymous comment on the same posting.