Sunday, June 22, 2008

UK: 66,000 Girls Have Been Genitally Mutilated Already

20,000 more are imminently "at risk" of having their clitoris and labia lopped off. And, if anyone tells you this has nothing to do with Islam, then ask the people at the United Nations Human Rights Council, they'll tell you the truth.

Police are to stage high-profile checks on flights to a number of African
states in an attempt to stop young girls being taken abroad to be forcibly
mutilated with the consent of their parents.Research commissioned by the
Department of Health suggests that more than 20,000 British girls are at risk of
being forced into the agonising procedure, where all or part of their external
genitals are cut off and stitched up.

Officers will question all adults taking girls on certain flights,
believing it is their best chance of saving thousands of children from female
genital mutilation at the hands of tribal "elders" called in by their own

Moves to tackle the culturally sensitive issue will come as ministers from
several government departments struggle to stamp out the ancient tribal
tradition amid evidence that thousands of British girls are at risk from a
ritual that is supposed to mark their transition into womanhood.

The campaign group the Foundation for Women's Health and Development
(Forward UK) estimates that around 11,000 British-based girls aged between nine
and 15 have undergone the ritual – in the UK or in their parents' home

The study, the first to gauge the prevalence of the practice in Britain,
concluded that at least 66,000 women already living in this country are victims
of "female circumcision". Hospitals and clinics across the country have reported
an increasing number of women showing evidence of the mutilation, which often
has a devastating impact on their health and ability to give birth


Always On Watch said...

This kind of story is so horrific that the msm won't cover it.

The msm would rather regale us with wall-to-wall coverage of stories about the "Bimbo of the Week."

Michael Travis said...

Whatever is happening in Islamic happening here also, times ten.