Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nuclear Jihad

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Anonymous said...

Pastorius, what year was this produced? It sounds like about 2006? Now it is 2008, we know they had the blueprints for building a warhead device. Iran no doubt has that information and is now rushing to ready the HEU. Is anyone doing anything about it? If someone does, what will be the reaction of the majority of the public? If Bush takes action and Obama wins, will Bush and everyone else involved in going after Iran end up being indicted for murder by an America-hating, whitey-baiting, Marxist "Commander in Chief"? Or is the fact that an insane apolcalyptic Mahdist dictator is months from possessing nukes making me just a bit paranoid?

Try asking any number of random people you meet, who is A.Q.Khan? Where is Isfahan? What is Natanz? What is the difference between plutonium and HEU nuclear technology? Why is that important? Is the safety and survival of the nation of Iran the first priority of its president? What's his name? What sort of answers are you going to get from 99.9% of the oblivious fools you ask? I'd do it at work, but I can't. That would be "political" you see. It would "upset" the customers buying their McClellan and Olberman and Zinn and Chomsky and, of course, Obama books.

Anyway, thanks for posting this.