Friday, June 27, 2008

An Article Which Displays Astonishing Ignorance of the Threat We Face

An Attack on Ian McEwan by Adrian Hamilton >>>

Ian McEwan: ‘I Despise Islamism’ >>>

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Anonymous said...

Variant on the appeaser as he who feeds the croc hoping it will eat him last. Well, yeah, crocs eat people, but then so do sharks, grizlies, piranha, and maggots. Just because that crocodile is stomping towards you with its jaws wide open is no reason to be any more afraid of it than any other man-eating beast...

Wonder if she will continue to use this argument if the Islamists file suit against McEwan for "insulting" their religion.

Pastorius said...

Adrian must be very proud of herself. You can tell, because self-righteousness oozes from every word in her article.

I would like to see her do some man-on-the-street interviews with Muslims and Christians, and ask them questions about homosexuals and apostates. I'd like for her to have to be confronted with the reality of the Muslims she defens, and the Christians she castigates.