Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barack Obama Voted Four Times To Allow Criminal Charges Against Homeowners Who Defend Their Person and Home With a Gun

I really do not want to see Barack Obama become President. The man thinks it is wrong for a person to defend his own property.

One can only surmise that the concept of personal property does not mean much to Barack Obama.

Perhaps, he subscribes to the idea that Property is Theft.

Funny how people who believe Property is Theft, have no problem with stealing other people's property.

My gun says, "No one is walking into my home, and stealing my property, especially not the President of the United States whoever he may be in a few months."

"Pastorius," you say. "How long has your gun been talking to you?"

I say, that's between me and my gun. So, don't ask. It is my property. Don't even ask about my property. No, you can not have it. Don't even think about having it. It's not yours. It's mine.

Don't even think about it.

You were thinking about it, weren't you?

My gun told me so. You better watch it.

In a victory for individuals across the nation, whether they know it or
not, the Supreme Court has decided the 2nd amendment does do what it says --
give the people the right to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama's rapid reversal from opposition to agreement on the issue would
make mere mortals snap in half under all the G-forces.

Despite Obama's propensity to say and do anything to get elected, just
like with Kennedy v. Louisiana, Obama's record does not match his

In fact, Barack Obama specifically voted four times in the Illinois
Legislature to allow criminal charges against a homeowner who used a firearm in
self-defense of their person and home -- specifically what the Supreme Court
says is a constitutional right. Obama may say he supports it, but his record
says exactly the opposite.

Read on . . .

In 2004, the Illinois Senate considered S.B. 2165 (IL 2004), sponsored
by Senator Ed Petka (R-Plainfield). The bill came about because of an arrest in
Wilmette, IL in late December of 2003. A 54-year-old businessman shot and
wounded a man who had broken into his home for the second time in 24 hours. Cook
County prosecutors found the shooting justified, but the businessman, Mr. DeMar,
faced a fine and possible destruction of two guns under a 1989 village ordinance
prohibiting handgun possession.

S.B. 2165 would allow residents to use self-defense as a basis for
seeking dismissal of criminal charges stemming from local gun ordinances if they
used the banned weapon in an act of self-defense in their home, business or

Obama voted no on third reading March 25, 2004, and voted no on
concurrence to a House amendment on May 25, 2004. In fact, Obama voted no four
times: in the Judiciary Committee, on Third Reading, in the Judiciary
Committee's vote on concurrence with the House, and on the final

Luckily for the people of Illinois, the legislation passed despite
Obama's opposition. Had he had his way, people in Illinois could still be
prosecuted for defending themselves against crimes.

But that's not the only time Obama has voted against the people's right
to keep and bear arms.
In 1999, Obama voted in favor of S.B. 177 (IL 1999).
The legislation required guns to be secured by trigger locks, placed in a lock
box, or placed in a location that a reasonable person would believe to be secure
from a minor. Likewise, in 2003, Obama voted for H.B. 2579 (IL 2003) for a law
that restricted the rights of Illinois's citizens so that they could only buy
one gun a month. The law created the offense of "unlawful acquisition of

In 2001, Obama voted against S.B. 604 (IL 2001), which would have
allowed individuals who have valid orders of protection against other
individuals to carry concealed weapons for their protection. The bill would have
created an affirmative defense against a charge of violating Illinois's
concealed carry law if the person had a lawfully issued protection order against
someone seeking to do harm to the person.

In 2002, Obama voted against S.B. 397 (IL 2002), which amended the
Firearms Owners Indentification Card Act. The legislation was specifically
crafted for sporting events and allowed a non-resident participating in a
sanctioned competitive shooting event in Illinois to purchase a shotgun or
shotgun ammunition in Illinois, but only at the site where the event is being
held, for the purpose of participating in the event.


Always On Watch said...

Guns made for a successful American Revolution. 'Nuff said.

Pastorius said...

Nuff said is right.