Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Muslim in Chicago raises his three sons to violence

And after shouting a racial slur at a motorist, he calls for them to help him attack the victim even further. From the Chicago Tribune (via Debbie Schlussel):
A Northwest Side man was charged with a hate crime and his three adult sons were charged with felony aggravated battery in an alleged attack on a motorist in which racial epithets were shouted, prosecutors said.

Mahmoud Alkhazaleh, 53, of the 5500 block of North Mango Avenue also was charged with aggravated battery and vehicle invasion in a June 9 attack on a man who allegedly had honked his horn to prod Alkhazaleh to step out of the path of his truck, according to court documents.

Alkhazaleh called the victim a "blue-eyed devil" and an " 'American [expletive]' during a physical attack that included throwing rocks and spitting," according to court documents.


Alkhazaleh and his three sons, Ahmad, Ala and Ali, appeared in Bond Court Wednesday in the Cook County Criminal Courts Building.

The father was held in lieu of $60,000 bail, while Ala, 27, and Ali, 23, were held in lieu of $40,000 bail and Ahmad, 20, was held in lieu of $35,000 bail. The sons were charged with aggravated battery and vehicle invasion, prosecutors said.

The motorist was driving his truck on Mango Avenue on Monday when the elder Alkhazaleh stood in the street blocking the vehicle's path, prosecutors said. The driver honked, but Alkhazaleh did not move. The driver then tried to go around Alkhazaleh but could not pass, and Alkhazaleh allegedly started to strike him and pelt him with rocks, prosecutors said.

As the driver tried to call 911 from his cell phone, Alkhazaleh yelled out for three of his sons to join him in the street, prosecutors said. They ran out of the apartment and started to beat the victim, spit on him and throw rocks, prosecutors said.


The father and three sons had returned to their apartment by the time police arrived. Witnesses directed police to the family's home. When the officers knocked on the apartment door, a woman answered and said the men were not home, but the officers could hear interior doors closing and locking inside the apartment, prosecutors said. They entered and found and arrested the men.

The men are due back in court June 16 for a hearing.
Rock throwing at cars, among other acts of violence. That's what's coming to America if more Muslims are allowed to enter.

By the way, shouldn't the presumed wife also be charged with obstructing the police? If they really didn't arrest her, is that supposed to be "cultural sensitivity"?

Update: in his latest op-ed at Front Page Magazine (via Jihad Watch), Robert Spencer argues that hate crime laws should be repealed, as it could possibly harm free speech for the goodies, and what counts here anyway is that the prime culprit, like his sons, also threw rocks, beat and spit at the victim. There certainly is a point here.


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Well you can expect a lot more "other acts of violence," thanks to that nice little deal GW made to allow some 10,000 - 20,000 Saudi students - all of whom will be muslims - to be able to go to the US before 2009. And just how many American students will be allowed, here, in Saudi - as if they'd want to come anyway - but that's not the point. The US is just doomed.

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Si, esta correcto.

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wow, first time at this site. you must have a lot of time on your hands. this story is full lies, anyone with a brain can just read the crap here. 1st, why didn't the "victim" just drive away? 2nd, i doubt you can find many rocks on mango ave. 3rd, how can one man block a whole street, and why would the victim wait for three guys to come running to assault him? i mean, im sure they whipped him good, but that doesn't mean they are the aggressors. clearly this guy got out of his car looking for trouble. the man is 53, what do you expect his children to do when they see a man attacking their father? this site is just hate motivated. also, instead of your stupid tasteless drawings, why don't you argue a valid point against Islam? shame on you. i can bet my life, you arent even American born, you are some christian arab. stop spreading your propaganda, Muslims live in peace and respect with their American Christian and even Jewish neighbors.

Pastorius said...

Both of the people who wrote the article are American-born.

The story is not lies.

You are denying it because it doesn't fit with your paradigm whatever that paradigm is.

Since you haven't actually formulated any argument, other than to tell us we're wrong (which, in the tradition of the old Monty Python "argument" bit is not an argument, but is simply contradiction) I can not figure out where you are coming from.

Next time you post here, try expalining your point.