Saturday, June 28, 2008

Infidel Babe Of The Week

This girl can slide across my frets, bend my notes, and smack her hands over my pickups any time she wants.

Tal Wilkenfeld playing bass with the Jeff Beck group, performing the song Cause We Ended As Lovers.

Get your heart broken too. Check out the video. You will fall into an amazed rapture, and an entranced lust.


The Fu2rman said...

Oh Pastorius,

That was better than Porn.

As a former Bass player, I always love a hot female Bass player. Sean Yseult of White Zombie was a favorite. And true story, I was a Maureen Herman fan, (Bass player for Babes in Toyland), but I managed to meet up with Kat Bjelland, (Singer/guitarist) at one of their shows. She was with a super clingy boyfriend, or husband, whatever. I started talking to her and he made sure to throw both his arms over her to show me he owned her, you know what I mean, the way males would piss all over everything to show ownership. I took great pleasure in watching her shrug him off, and step away from him towards me. I wish I had some great ending to the story, like...Then we went backstage and...You know the rest! But the reality was, we finished the conversation, me, clearly just a fan, and her, a very generous semi-celeb.

Of course, Billy Corgan and his Smashing pumpkins had a thing for the female Bass player, D'Arcy was a nice crush, and later Hole's Melissa Auf Der Maur joined. Loved them both.

I always love a chick that was a better musician than me, but you know, as long as they played, they were likely better than me!

The Fu2rman

Pastorius said...

Wait a minute. Let me see if I'm missing something here.

Are you saying you watched as Kat Bjelland's boyfriend pissed all over her? Did you get into it?

Some people like that kind of stuff.

But, seriously folks.

Did you know my friend, the Minor League Rock Star, used to be an item with D'Arcy?

Hubba hubba.

The Fu2rman said...

Muddy and D'Arcy? I'm jealous, but I wouldn't want to go after him, so I guess my crush is officially over.

But I still love Sean Yseult!

Damn can she kick ass! Thunder Kiss '65, enough said...

The Fu2rman

The Fu2rman said...


No, he didn't actually PISS on Kat, and if he did, I would have walked away. I have a fetish or two, but the Golden Shower is not one of them.

He was like the typical male with a woman that is more successful than he is...insecure.

He got clingy, like when my chick of the week gets when we go to one of our hangouts.

Infidels, if you want to see a mOBSENE, come hang with Pastorius and The Fu2rman. Chicks throwing themselves at us, dudes with a man-crush wanting to claim us as 'Best Friends' it's obsene.

But what are you going to do?

They all listen to the IBA Radio Show, and they want to be part of the magic. Can you blame them?

The Fu2rman

Monster Paperbag said...

she's great to look at, that's for sure..

Anonymous said...

I found the hell out of that.

Anonymous said...

I meant I would pound the hell out of that