Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CNN: Bush Administration Is Guilty Of War Crime Of Torturing Detainees

Here's the report.

Tell me if you can find any examples of there being scientific evidence that these Jihadists are telling the truth.


Michael Travis said...

Bush is an idiot! Until 2003, as an ass-licking gesture to the Saudis...the US had a policy of turning prisoners over to Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey for interrogation.

No one could accuse the USA of torture in the good old days.

Michael Travis said...


My post should read;

"Until 2003, When Bushki changed US policy as an ass-licking gesture to the Saudis..."

Anonymous said...

This just gets worse and worse. Obama has already stated that he intends to go after those involved in "war crimes". Vincent Bugliosi has a book out that apparently advocates indicting Bush for murder. It has been suggested (unconfirmed report of a conversation, but is it that hard to beleive?) that Obama plans to take this step if he is elected. So it comes as no surprise that his backers -- and is there any doubt that Physicians for Human Rights (of detained Islamist terrorists, that is, Muslim women totured and abused by their own families can go to hell for all they care) are looking forward to the arrival of the Obamassiah -- are helping to set up the case for him? 95% of what I read here consists of "they said".

Between this and the Supreme Court decision, perhaps in the future we had better take no prisoners at all. Maybe that will make them happy.

I see dozens of books in this vein go out of the store every day. So far no one that I am aware of has come in looking for background material on A.Q.Khan, the Pakistani nuclear proliferationist whose work has probably assured that Iran will have ballistic missles armed with nuclear warheads some time next year. While Obama is busy "changing" America and indicting the entire previous administration for murder and war crimes? And holding no-precondition meetings with the Dwarf?

Pastorius said...

Barack Obama's campaign web page states that he plans on prosecuting the war crimes of the Bush Administration:

Michael Travis said...

Pastorius...Do Revere a favour...and send the link to the "Nuclear Jihad" film on Google.

Pastorius said...

The link you sent me yesterday would not work.

I don't have a working link.

RRA email me, and I'll put you in touch with Michael.

Michael Travis said...

Go here.....the video "Nuclear Jihad" about Khan can be viewed at the site.

Epaminondas said...

"psychological evidence of torture" is that?

Being upset?

Charged with crimes?

Set up a camp on Diego Garcia for POW'S