Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pakistan - "if the US targets our territory it must surely fall into the category of "enemy" and be given a military response

The absolutely blind attitude of this pakistani military analyst and what lies behind it, is THE reason the US is now a hated nation, and the people of the USA, held in both contempt and in ridicule.
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They expect us, like the jews, to DIE rather than kill those who are sworn to kill us. When we are too civilized to live in this world they are more satisfied.

What many of us had feared and written about at the time seems to have come true -- be it the growing US intrusions into our territory or the periodic diatribes from the US against Dr A.Q. Khan whenever they feel Pakistan needs to be put under pressure. However, nothing reflects our state's sovereign bankruptcy as much as the audacious threats issued by Afghanistan's Karzai of sending in his Afghan Army into Pakistan to take out "militants" and "terrorists." Here is a man who barely has power in his own capital, Kabul, and has hundreds of occupation forces from the US and NATO -- not to mention some Arab contingents from the Gulf states -- and he is actually threatening Pakistan, a country with a massive conventional military, and nuclear capability to boot.

pushtun.jpgHerein lies the irony of Pakistan's predicament post-9/11. Our military seems to have no stomach for fighting the violations of our sovereignty by the US and its allies. That has emboldened the US and they now feel they can target the Pakistani security forces directly -- as they did in March 2008 in Bajaur, and more recently last week in the Mohmand Agency which left 11 FC men dead, apart from the civilians that are a constant target of US and NATO forces -- especially as their frustration has grown over their lack of success in Afghanistan.
Well perhaps if the ISI was not directly responsible for the funding and support of Bin Laden and Hekmatyar, and Pakistan was not one of only TWO NATIONS to recognize the Taliban, who they supported INSIDE Pakistan from day one - 9/11 would not have happened.
god_bless_hitler_underpaint.jpg But since 3000 americans are DEAD as a direct consequence of the deliberate actions, and deliberate INACTIONS of successive Pakistani governments, then their people, who riot at our deaths, and make Bin Laden a popular king, who believe the jews did 9/11, find themselves in jeopardy because to them the American people ARE the enemy. Perhaps that jeopardy is justified. Perhaps we are as the man indicates, enemies in a peoples war.

paki_ronaldo.jpgPerhaps then, we ought to act in such a manner as well, Mr. Mazari.
And I assure you, 1 Hellfire from a Reaper is NOT how we behave as an enemy.

Increasingly, the hostile intent of the US towards Pakistan is becoming more overt as the Americans become more emboldened in the face of the vacillating and whimpering Pakistani ruling elite.
These are the words of the Hamid Gul faction.
Get this:
As for the US, there are many dangerous developments that need to be put together to understand the long-term threat from this power. Many of us have been writing for many years now that the US is seeking to destroy the organisation of the military in Pakistan, as well as breaking up the country, given that our nuclear capability and our ideological moorings in terms of historically supporting Muslim causes have never sat well with the US.
The american people understand full well the balancing act both they and the govt of Pakistan are doing in this insane ballet. Perhaps it's time to call an end to the whole idea. Perhaps the deobandi fanatics who begat the Taliban have created a situation beyond recall and the entire region is going to spontaneously consume itself.
It is time we re-examined whether the US is really an "ally" or a dangerous enemy.

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