Saturday, June 21, 2008

The phone call Israel should have made yesterday

"Mr. President, yesterday some unknown 'official' of your govt, whom the NYT deemed to be senior and in the know, revealed details of an exercise Israel conducted, and was compelled to conduct for reasons you well understand.

We wish to express that as an american ally, an important ally, perhaps at this particular moment an ally more important than any NATO ally, we regard this revelation as the act of an unfriendly power, and we wish to understand what your plans are to prevent something like this from happening again, and more importantly, MUCH more importanrtly, just wanted to let you know, that this revelation has caused us to greatly accelerate then plans which we don't wish to see carreid out in the first place.

We know your reservations.

We have no alternative acceptable choice.

Lavrov can kiss our collective jewish asses."
One thing you can be sure of.
No such call was made.
American policy was made by a leak, and Israeli plans, perhaps constrained by the level of detail revealed, and Iran's weapons program will march ahead by the willful actions and inactions of the govts of this world, who will do nothing until after it is too late, and a regional nuclear war is on.


Anonymous said...

Do we know where the leak originated? Is there any chance it was from one of the security agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.)?

We are being told that nothing needs to be done to stop Iran from continuing to develop a nuclear weapons program when ALL the hard evidence indicates that they are proceding apace and there is good reason to believe they have the delivery system. This is Kafkaesque.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand we have no clue where the leak from. I do think it is entirely possible it came from one of the agencies.

I agree....all the hard evidence suggest we should be terrified of this!

Pastorius said...

It seems to me Bush has allowed more insubordination, and outright treason, than any President in history.

WATCHER71 said...

I think this 'leak' was probably deliberate. I am impressed that an exercise of this scale was actually kept secret for as long as it was. This also lends credibility to the 'leak' being no accident. I suggest that it is a warning to Iran in response to something going on behind the curtains. It could also serve as disinformation, suggesting to Iran that their defensive posture also needs to be strengthened with regard to an Israeli air assault, the common assumption being that Israel was to be forced to sit this one out....again, thus dividing and diminishing Iranian air defense planning and response. Perhaps the attack will still come from the US/UK only...Perhaps there is a recognition that coalition forces are stretched....and Israel is needed in this one. I just hope that Israel's border defense planning is ROBUST. Re her foreign legion....she better get some Hebrew/English speaking officers lined up quick...

Epaminondas said...

The only way such a leak, as a warning makes sense is if it was known to be a FACT that Iran missed this.

1)it put Russia in a position where they need to be seen for their own reasons to defend these bastards.
2)it puts Iran on heightened alert for air attack at all points
3)it's a move by CIA weenies and/or shadow govt techno-functionaries with delusions that they 'must' inform the public to prevent the neocons from allowing the jews to involve the USA in another war for israeli interests ...Michael Scheurer clones (altho no one can claim Mr Scheurer himself is soft on muslim brotherhood douchebags..he is just delusional thinking it's all about the jews)

4)the attack will not come by air (it's by well placed assets already there, and there for years), and Israel seeks to mislead the sons of bitches, and the whole thing is dizinformaziya

WATCHER71 said...

I agree, it is hard to believe the Iranians 'missed' this. It would surely have filtered back to them. The Russians are spoiling for a fight anyway, a loss of national pride re dominant military status conjunction with an intense rise of Nazi ideology and anti-antisemitism domestically amongst the population. A 'new' Russian a new puppet...on a childish streak to be viewed as a strong man, I think there would be strong support from the Russian people for a war against Israel and the West, it appeals to Russian frustrations currently, aswell as the desire to be seen as powerful and influential in the world again.
We all know that the first wave of attack will probably be a mixture of stealth aircraft and cruise missiles, followed by establishing air superiority followed by a Turkey shoot. That facility is gone when the order is given. I don't think the Iranian Air force will be able to secure their airspace for very long, if at all. You think assets already in place will attack the facility? Maybe..but I've just looked at the Sat and it seems like a sizable facility, to big for a strike using ground personnel and with a minimum 350 mile run into Iran by chopper, well echoes of Carters last run into Iran come to mind...although it is a perfect target for dumb ordnance. Nice and clear of anything the middle of no where. I reckon B2's/B52's with Israelis and F117's providing Sam suppression. Lets face it the IAF has plenty of experience suppressing surface to air missiles in this sort of terrain (Bekaa etc). It could be as simple as sewing the seeds of confusion. It always better to have the enemies head spinning...rather than looking directly at the guy who's trying to kill them. I believe that Iran's nuclear program is far in advance of what is made public and Israeli/US/UK military planners know it is. Hence the statement of overwhelming air superiority. I think this may also be part of an acclimation program for the war weary western population. El Prez has just been in my neck of the woods visiting, amongst others the PM. Any discussions could have taken place by telephone. Visits like this tend to be followed shortly there after by actions. The question is, what is 'our' level of commitment? What happens on day 2...?

Anonymous said...

Epam, your point #3 is the reason I asked about the security agencies. As I've mentioned before, I personally know of a very high ranking "techno-functionary" who has harbored the same attitude as recently expressed by Patrick Buchanan, among others, for at least 30 years of a military career that encompassed very black psyops. (By which I mean not just against the enemy but making use of innocent US citizens. Slimeball.) I wouldn't put anything past this weasel and I don't know how many more of them are skulking around there but I very much doubt he's the only one. (Want to hear something really scary? Like Ahmadhimmijerker, this guy thinks a great conflict is approaching that only he and his "elect" will survive.)

(Special to Epam and Pastorius, for any further discussion re this please email me.)

Just a thought, but how rational a response can we expect from the Dwarf and the mullahs? If the whole idea is to initiate chaos as Mahdi-bait, might the emphasis be on retaliation more than defense?

And don't you just love all the noise from the MSM about how this is going to set the ME aflame, yada yada -- very interesting considering how they've been trying to convince us that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

Please tell me the Russians don't stock the "Tsar Bomba" (aka "Bu=ig Ivan") anymore. That was the 50-megaton hydrogen bomb they tested in the 60s.

Epaminondas said...

rra I don't have your email address...please email me, so that I do

BTW, all, to MY knowledge Israel possesses no stealth aricraft. The closest they could come might be to use long range Hermes UAV's to take out whatever defenses seem most threatening (Tor-1's delivered in 2006-2007 from who else, pootey poot), OR they pull a deal similar to what they accomplished in Syria

WATCHER71 said...

Sorry didn't make myself clear, that's right Israel doesn't have any stealth aircraft (although I am sure they are working on it!). I meant IAF and (US) F117's. I will be interested to see how this goes off. Will Russia sit it out? How will the wider Islamic world respond? Will this tip Turkey over the edge towards a more fundamentalist slant on Islam (Turkey, as I'm sure you are all aware has been creeping towards deconstruction of the secular state)? Epa, can you envisage an invasion & occupation of Iran? Do we have the capabilities to undertake such a move. I have to say I'm split on this. The longer it doesn't happen the worst the situation grows. Yet the potential for a much wider conflict exists. The mission is necessary to close down the ongoing insurgency in both Irag and Afghanistan. Epa, just out of interest does the IDF have any constitutional restraints on deploying so far away from Israel (for example Iran), in the same way Germany had to change the law to allow German forces to be deployed in the ME? Lebanon etc were all border states with Israel so deployments there could be classed as a defensive move, so what is the situation there? The Chinese will no doubt seek to capitalize on the situation, after all Iran has oil and China is willing to cut a deal with anybody, including the devil for that oil(Sudan/Darfur). As ever guys always interested in hearing what others think.