Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OT - No five man team ever on earth could have beaten the Celtics last night


39 points?

Not Russell's team, not Jordan's team, not Cowens team, not McHale, Byrd and Parrish's team, not Chamberlains's or Jabbar's, not the 72-73 Knicks with a Rhodes Scholar and future Senator, and 2 other valedictorians, and 3 Phi Beta Kappas, and not Magic's.

I have never seen a destruction so thorough in a championship game like that in any sport, ever.

Those people established a criterion for driving a stake through the other team's heart that we may not see again in our lifetime.

Kevin Garnett, sensing this, almost came apart at the seams after the game



Pastorius said...

Yep (from a Laker fan), the Celtics were amazing.

And, as much as the Celtics were amazing, the Lakers showed they are not a determined bunch.

Remember, they had the best record in a Conference that played like no other Conference in history. And then, they destroyed all those teams in the playoffs.

The Lakers failure to matchup to the Celtics in the Finals (where even when they won, they looked like they were losing) was stunning.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers team falls apart after this. They have been exposed as hollow.

Anonymous said...

CELTICS PRIDE is back! This is the sort of Celts team we remember from the 80s. This was Sox vs Yanks in 2004 but much, well, taller. It was winning that 17th banner the way Secretariat won the Preakness.

Their duckboat rolling rally is tomorrow. There's going to be a sea of green all over town. And it sure as hell WON'T be for Eid.


Pastorius said...

Looks like Phil Jackson agrees with me:

"We have to get some players if we're going to come back and repeat, to have that kind of aggressiveness that we need," he said.