Sunday, June 22, 2008

NYT Reveals Name of KSM's Chief Interrogator (AND our Allies)--Against CIA Wishes

From Discerning Texan at the Astute Bloggers:

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is the man who was:
  • Al Qaeda's Operations Chief, in charge of all terror planning for AQ
  • The mastermind and organizer of the 9/11 plot
  • The mastermind behind numerous other attacks on US assets, including the African embassies, the USS Cole--and who knows what other attacks
  • The man who personally sawed off Daniel Pearl's head with a knife on videotape

He also is the single most valuable Al Qaeda intelligence source that we have ever taken into captivity--i.e. the man who knew more about the operational details of existing terror plots in progress than anyone in the organization, including Bin Laden.

As many are no doubt also aware, the CIA admitted that during the interrogation of KSM--during which KSM revealed details about numerous AQ operations which in turn allowed the US and other countries to shut down these plots/cells down before they happened, saving arguably thousands of lives--was one of the few cases where waterboarding was used to extract information; and (I remind you) was used WITH the full knowledge of the Democrat leadership at the time, including Nancy Pelosi.

All of these facts should be kept in mind as we begin to discuss the latest outrage from the very same New York Times which previously published details about America's secret banking operations that the US had been using to shut down terror financing, and which have over time published a number of other National Security secrets which assisted the enemies of Civilization in adjusting their tactics to avoid detection--each time despite the vociferous argument and disapproval of the Bush Administration, Intelligence agencies and Justice Department to keep these matters secret.

Our blood-lusting jihadist enemies could not possibly have done a better job of counterintelligence than NYT has performed on their behalf, even if Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, or Hamas had their own versions of the CIA operating clandestinely in our country.

And now the Times has done it again.

In a story which revealed (among other things) the "human side" of KSM, and which provided details of the interrogation of arguably the highest value enemy asset we have captured in this war, the NY Times today has also revealed the name of the CIA's Chief Interrogator--despite loud and heated calls by the Agency that to do so could endanger his own life (and/or his family's) and otherwise subject him to relentless hounding and persecution (naturally, by the Left, Democrat witch-hunters, and their media allies like the NYT...).

If this were not enough, the Times also revealed today which US ally--Poland--allowed this interrogation to be conducted on its soil.

There's more where that comes from. Go read the whole thing.