Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whever islam goes, slavery has flourished totally unchecked - wherever Christianity has gone, slavery has disappeared

From Islam Monitor:

Please remember, hypothetically or by birth, if tomorrow Islam rules the
world, neither your children nor my children will be safe. Let’s learn from the
past and present, and plan for the future before it is too late.

Go read the whole thing.


Athos said...

Regardless of the Scimitar's ostensible themes, its beliefs and behavior is structurally identical to the primitive sacred with a constant need to dehumanize others and find certifiable victims for its sacrificial mechanism.

Nietzsche said it well: we will either choose Christ (movement away from human sacrifice) or Dionysus (the primitive sacred and bloodthirsty worship of the dark gods of blood - cf. Euripides' THE BACCHAE).

Pastorius said...

Where did Nietzsche say that? Do you know?

Athos said...

Nietzsche deplored the Christian faith and its identification with the crucified one, believing it enervated believers. He lauded the noble pagan principle of the ubermensch - the officer-class men who saw what needed doing and would do whatever necessary regardless of qualms.

You wd find this sentiment in The Anti-Christ.

I'll send you some pertinent articles and essays via email. My own Dionysus Mandate posits a well funded cadre of scientists, politicians, and financiers who try to restart the primitive Sacred's sacrificial mechanism as a "violence reduction" method in today's world.

'Trouble is, many Christians SAY they believe in the Gospel, but ACT like functional Nietzscheans. Eh?