Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ex-BNP Activist Apparently Now Recruiting For Al Qaeda

Thanks to Watcher71 for sending this along to me.

From the Independent:

A former British National Party activist who converted to Islam in a
maximum-security jail is being held in isolation on suspicion of trying to
recruit fellow prisoners to terrorist groups.

Stephen Jones has been confined to a segregation unit in Whitemoor
prison, Cambridgeshire, for three weeks while the intelligence services
investigate his alleged links to al-Qa'ida.

It is thought to be the first time a prisoner has been put in isolation
because of fears he was attempting to radicalise other inmates. The authorities
were also said to be concerned about his safety. Two other Muslim prisoners are
thought to be in the same unit.

Fears have been growing that extremist groups are using prisons as a
fertile recruiting ground. Britain is believed to have more prisoners with
terrorist sympathies than any other European country.

An internal review of security at Whitemoor – where almost a third of the
500 inmates are Muslim – warned that officers were struggling to deal with
Muslim gangs. It concluded that staff feared a "serious incident is

Henry Bellingham, the shadow Justice Minister, who has raised
concerns about Whitemoor, said: "What we have got to do is work with the moderate Muslim organisations to try and stamp this out."

Yeah right! And, they should probably work with moderate BNP people to stamp out those radicals too, right?

Henry Bellingham is an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Those mythical moderate Muslim organisations:

"With violent conquest and contempt for non-believers central to the tenets of the faith, attempts to forge a moderate form of Islam are doomed…

“The only way to reform Islam is to throw away the Koran; 90 percent of it should be thrown away. You also have to throw away the history of Islam, and you have to completely disregard the Sira” - the Arabic term used for the various traditional Muslim biographies of Muhammad…

Western suggestions that extremism in Islam can be eradicated if certain imams are quieted… are based on a mistaken comparison of Islam to Christianity.

“In the West, people ask whether Islam can undergo a reformation like the one that Christianity underwent. That’s a poor parallel,” he says. “In Christianity, it wasn’t the religion that needed to be reformed, but the church; what Jesus preached was good…

In Islam, it’s not the community that is bad, but the religion… Islam is full of hatred, and the hatred is in Muhammad himself."

Anonymous said...

Henry Bellingham is an idiot.Controlling Islam in UK prisons . . .-from above

Indeed, the entire penal system in the UK is f'd up. Here are links to watch a recent program on the subject:

Dispatches: From Jail to Jihad (Part 1 of 5)

Quote==>Luke Serjeant, Governor, HMP Woodhill states at 5:25: "There's a real risk with prisoners who got in or extremist prisoners wanting to convert other people to their extremist view. And it's very difficult to say that I should be able to stop that in a prison setting. I mean, it happens out in the community. It's going to happen in here because this is a community.

Dispatches: From Jail to Jihad (Part 2 of 5)

Quote==> We can't censure something on the grounds that we don't like the tone of it. If we're too tough, we'll be seen as censuring the religion and that will create grievance and may create more committed extremists. On the other hand, if we let too much in, we may find that leading to people being radicalized in prison."

Dispatches: From Jail to Jihad (Part 3 of 5)

Dispatches: From Jail to Jihad (Part 4 of 5)

Dispatches: From Jail to Jihad (Part 5 of 5)

Don't forget, this is also part of the very same penal system that in their infinite wisdom brought you:

UK: Three million dollar mosque to be built at Abu Hamza's prison


Dhimmi Watch: UK: prison toilets rebuilt to face away from Mecca

WC said...

Didn't working with moderate Nazis work? Calling Mr. Obama.

Pastorius said...

Indeed, if it wouldn't have been for our negotiations with moderate Nazis Hitler would have ransacked Europe, there would have been a Holocaust of Jews, homosexuals, retarded people, and Gypsies, and the French would have suffered another humiliating defeat.

Anonymous said...

The myth of moderate Islam:

"The core of the Big Lie is to always claim to be the victim first and to blame your worst atrocities on someone else.

9/11? Oh that was only because America has troops in Saudi Arabia. 7/11? Because Britain has troops in Iraq. Car burnings in Paris? That's because of French racism. Rapes in Sweden? That's because the infidel women disrespect Muslim culture by walking around without their Burqas on. .

The common denominator of course is that someone else is always to blame for Muslim atrocities.

The fusion of the perpetual sense of victimization with the "Tiny Minority of Extremists" meme means that the same self-nullifying excuse always comes up.

1. Terrorism is the product of a tiny minority of extremists

2. Terrorism only exists because Muslims are constantly being victimized

The blackmail inherent in this train of thought is that the only way to prevent the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims from grabbing their scimitars and suicide bombing belts and going on a killing spree, is with large doses of appeasement. And that indeed is the policy proposal that repeatedly comes up. Buy off the "Moderate Muslims" to isolate that mythical "Tiny Minority of Extremists".

Always On Watch said...

I can't say that I'm surprised that an "ex" BNP-member would go for another form of tribalism.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, surprise, surprise. Farrakhan and Duke have forged agreements and alliances, so why not the BNP and Al Qaeda?