Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Moderate" Muslim Brags About How Muslims Are Conquering Europe

From Gates of Vienna:

Fjordman just sent us this brief note, referring to a post at the Danish blogUriasposten:

As I have explained before, we cannot rely on so-called “moderate Muslims” as most of them are lying, and even those who are not lying at the present can suddenly become “radicals,” i.e. normal Muslims, in a second. We thus have no choice but to treat ALL Muslims as potentially hostile people. Here is a “moderate Muslim,” who has earlier participated in “dialogue” meetings, who brags about how Muslims are conquering Europe. But only in Arabic, of course.


Christine said...

I have finally come to the conclusion that the only muslims you can trust, are ex muslims.

And I don't apologize for that. They have continued to prove their untrustworthiness.

Epaminondas said...

What we would consider a moderate muslim is probably someone who accepts the quran as the uncreated word of god would NEVER accept as a muslim.


And that is the problem, and why we never see the protests we hope for. Those 'moderate' muslims whose conscience asserts OVER the quran KNOW the deal and don't wish to be identified as such.

Peace means Islamic peace.
Justice means Sharia.
Innocent means a muslim.
Jihad means the struggle in Dar al Harb for justice and peace by the innocent.

Pastorius said...

Having been to London, and having traveled in the neighborhood where one of the bombings happened, 7/7 proved to me that there are very few moderate Muslims in this world.

Damien said...


Well among other things, this guy basically just admitted that he doesn't value free speech.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago an American I met at a friends house asked a much repeated query, “Why do you the Muslims hate the Americans?” To which I answered in the same way as all the preceding instances in which this question was posed to me: “We don’t hate the Americans, we might disagree with a certain US policy and dislike recent American actions in the Muslim world but we surely don’t hate the American people.”

The American who interrogated me was clearly not convinced with my answer and secretly I wasn’t either. The truth is that at present the Muslims hate America and now, they hate not only its policymakers but most of the American people since they have proven recently without a shadow of doubt that they agree with their elite by voting back into office, by a comfortable majority, the Bush administration inspite of it’s obvious record of lies and abuse of power. The Americans can never claim from now on that they didn’t know that there where no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They can’t claim that they didn’t know torture wasn’t widespread in American prisons, from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib, and the thousands of other secret detention centers. They surely can’t claim not to know of this entire episode in which thousands have lost their lives and much more have seen their homes and lands destroyed as a result of the American military and its leaders who don’t hesitate in using the massive destructive power of the US on defenseless civilians.

My American friend was right, we do hate them now, but he never asked himself the question “Why?” Why should a people living on the other side of the planet feel any sort of emotion toward the Americans, be it hate or love? Does anyone ever ask if the Muslims hate the Chileans or love the Chinese or dislike the Uruguayans? No, we are forever asked to express some sort of intense emotion toward the Americans. So, I have to admit finally, after decades of relations with the US, that they have convinced us that we should feel something and that our feelings have been boiled down today to pure hate. And why not? What have we as a people seen from the US in the past half century but an absence of respect for Muslim life, culture or religion, contempt and disregard for our rights and finally murder and torture from Afghanistan to Iraq.

The US has further driven us to dislike America with its blind support for a colonialist power such as Israel, in fact the only one left in the region. Whenever we have tried in the past to help alleviate the plight of the Palestinians we only got vetoed by the US at the UN Security Council followed by the free flow of arms and money to kill our fellow compatriots from Palestine to Lebanon. And whenever we Arabs try to get arms to defend ourselves against one of the strongest armies in the world, which has never hesitated in using its destructive power with impunity against us, we are blocked by America from acquiring the means by which we could defend ourselves.

We have watched America attack us, destroy us, impose embargoes against our nations and then conquer our lands, imprison our people and generally deal with us as though we are savage animals whereby every single law be it international or even American is totally disregarded when it concerns the rights of Arab and Muslim individuals. Then they ask us why we hate them? Tell me why do you hate us? What terrible crime have the Muslims committed against you in the past to deserve your interminable enmity? What have we done to see you rampage through our lands destroying and killing, then claiming obscenely that it was worth it for the sake of liberty and democracy?

Pastorius said...

Thanks for explaining that to us, Anonymous Muslim Dude.

We take it all back. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

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