Saturday, March 28, 2009

Muslims in the White House

I have been saying all along, Obama would fill the White House with Muslims.

Well, he has begun.

Winds of Jihad

Prez Hopenchange seeks Muslims for the White House

by sheikyermami on March 27, 2009

* “It was mostly under the radar”- because before you couldn’t call him Hussein. Now he’s coming out:

Obama gets list of top Muslim Americans

CHICAGO — In a bid to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book with resumes of 45 of the nation’s most qualified — Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted [where have we heard that before]— has been submitted to the White House.

The effort, driven by community leaders and others, including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was bumped up two weeks because White House officials heard about the venture, said J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, who sifted through more than 300 names.

“It was mostly under the radar,” Williams said. “We thought it would put (the president) in a precarious position. We didn’t know how closely he wanted to appear to be working with the Muslim American community.”

Why not chose from among the Gitmo apes?


Anonymous said...

You Americans are starting to look like amateurs (no offense). How are you gonna vote for a Manchurian Candidate is beyond anything I have heard!

Wake up!

Ray said...
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Ray said...

I smell the Kennedy Option being examined in the background as Obama's Muslim Allegiance emerges from the shadows which we all knew was coming as you aptly mention Christine. This exposes him as a Traitor bought, trained, and planted by some Muslim consortium in the Middle East as far as I'm concerned,

We have a double agent in the white house and that will bring out the hardcores just like Camelot did in more ways than one.

Just Cause said...

Welcome to Europe America! This is exactly what we have been subjected to over the last 12 years. Tony Blair appointed Lord Ahmed to the House of Lords as a gesture of diversity, Shalid Malik was the first Muslim MP appointed in 1997 who recently was caught on video stating that Muslims will take over the House of Parliament, there's a Muslim Police Association, and all public sector departments have diversity targets where they HAVE to prove they employ people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds INCLUDING OUR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES.

It doesn't matter if they aren't the best candidate or most capable, if they allow the company to tick the diversity box, they get the job.

Obama is simply following in the footsteps of his socialist brothers in Europe - you need to make a stand before it's too late!

Pastorius said...

I don't think it is reasonable for you to say that Obama is NOT a Muslim.

You don't know.

Here's the thing, he was born of a Muslim father. Therefore, according to the Muslim world, he is a Muslim.

However, according to America's view of the world, a person is what he decides he is; so according to American rules, Obama is a Christian.

HOWEVER, Obama goes to the most Muslim Christian Church I have ever encountered. They tout and even honor Louis Farrakhan.

Therefore, one has to wonder, what is the doctrine of Trinity United when it comes to Islam. Does Trinity United believe that Islam and Christianity are the same religion, or not? We don't know, because they make no statement on the matter, do they?

I'm not saying I think Obama is a Muslim. Instead, I'm saying, you don't know, and it is unreasonable for you to claim that you do know.

Shiva's claim - that Obama is clearly a Muslim - is also unreasonable, if that is indeed what he is saying. But, it is not unreasonable for Shiva to say that Obama was making a statement to the Muslim world when he recited the Shahada. He was. I think that is clear. He was not, necessarily, saying, I am one of you. But, he was clearly saying, "I understand you, because I have been part of your world."

I don't want this blog to veer into the ODS (good phrase you coined the other day), but we have to be logical and reasonable at the same time. You can't just deny evidence.

Christine said...

I said in a prior comment, the roots of Obama's muslim tree didn't stray far when he was at Wright's church. No, to satisfy the American public, he has "pinned" himself a christian. But, labels are just that.

His actions since entering the WH are suspicious.

He has basically moved us away from believing that Muslims (extremists) are responsible for terroism. He has done this by removing the words terrorist, war on terrorism, jihadist from official vocabulary. Except for Pakistan (not sure about this, Osama more than likely), he has gone totally mushy on countries that are known to train and harbor terrorists. He has signed that assassin agreement regarding incorporating "muslim understanding" into our daily life and inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to play a major roll. He "secretly" agreed to allow sharia to be installed in Swat, only saying it was a compromise. He wants to talk to "moderate" Taliban, like there is such as animal. Now, he is playing into the Jihadist's hand by outright looking for and hiring Muslims to work in the WH.

I'm sure I missed a few things. But my point is made.

The door only swings 2 ways. Obama has swung it completely the other way from Bush. He is handing our country over to the muslims. Falling right in line with the Jihadist's master plan.

Either he is extremely, extremely, stupid or.............

Anonymous said...

I will say he is muslim

He has publicly recited the shahad, and that overrides every thing else he says, he knows it, the moslem world knows it, while the western world believe Obama is what they believe him to be.

He chooses to go by his islamic name, why?

He promises to go after Bin Laden, again why?

The answer is simple, in the muslim world Obama ranks #2 after Bin Laden just now.

Obama knows that islam will never conquer America with violence, it will conquer with stealth.

America will not fall to islam during his two terms in other, but islam will gain a lot of very steady foot holds

We are living in very critical times.

Pastorius said...

You're right. I can't prove he is not a Muslim in his heart. And, the fact is that publicly reciting the Shahada does make him a Muslim to Muslims, and I'm sure he does know that.

But, I also don't know for sure that he does not think of himself as a Christian.

But then, many Muslims claim to believe in Jesus, but that's Taqiyya, cuz they don't believe he's the Messiah, only begotten Son of God, and they know that damn well.

just common sense said...

All I know that we must all do whatever we can in the next three years to put this man out of office and then try to repair all the damage he wuill do while in power. We cannot sit aside and do nothing we as true Americans must defeat Obama in the next election and the dems as well since they are allowing him to move his agenda forward.