Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Radiation terror bomb called more likely threat than Iran nuke ?

TEL AVIV -- Israel is preparing for the prospect that Iran would attempt to smuggle radiation bombs into the Jewish state.

Officials said the government has ordered the installation of advanced systems to detect radioactive substances. They said the systems would be installed in major airports and sea ports.

"We believe that Iran could be plotting with terrorist groups a radiation attack," an official said.

Such a weapon would be easily deniable, and might give the mullahs the dream they could escape the inevitable cataclysmic response. Anyone who tries this with Bibi at the helm is out of their gourd. Southern Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Iran......GOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. PFFFFFFFFFT.

Officials said a radiation-detection system has been installed in the Israeli port of Haifa, which processes 1.5 million containers per year. They said the system was capable of scanning containers for radioactive material.

The intelligence community warned the government in 2007 of the prospect of a radiation bomb. Officials said such a bomb could be assembled by Iran, Hizbullah or Al Qaida.

"A dirty bomb could result in thousands dead without any fingerprints," the official said. "It is a more likely option than Iran firing a nuclear missile."

In fact the nuclear material, smuggled from hospitals in the USA (for instance) could be managed EASILY. That's why it's so important that retaliation against nation states which support terror be believed. And why Israel makes it clear that it is not only ready to ACT ALONE, but be alone in the aftermath. This should be stated publicly. Just the way JFK did.

"An attack from Cuba will be regarded as an attack
from the USSR and will be met by retaliation"

The Mullahs, Hassan Nasrallah, and HAMAS should all be left thinking that 'those jews are crazy and will kill everyone, and that will be the end of the Islamic revolution, and the end of us and our movements'

Officials said the radioactive detection system would also be installed in Ben-Gurion International Airport. Ben-Gurion is the largest airport in the country.

The Israeli effort has been coordinated with the United States. The United States has recruited allies to help track ships believed to contain weapons of mass destruction.

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Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all . . .remember the recent case with MV Iran Deyant . . .October 6
Hijacked Iranian Ship was a Dirty Bomb Meant for Israel on Yom Kippur