Friday, March 27, 2009


Music by Phillip Glass, with Branka Parlic on Piano.


midnight rider said...

Now that's very nice stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, you pushed me

We, infidels around the world, have different tastes in music, arts or, ahem, sex.

Not my favorite Stagg track above; "Simple and sweet" is remarkable but not on youtube, sadly. The guy re-invented the harp.

Pastorius said...

That's very pretty, Andre. Thanks for sharing that. I had never heard his music.

midnight rider said...

Ok Andre my friend. put one up I suspect you'll love.

Yours was very nice by the way.

Anonymous said...

I have 2,000+ CDs in my collection from all over the world. I can live without watching TV; but without music...

The harp is the first cord instrument and it is derived from the olympian lyra. It gave birth to the piano, guitar and violin and whatever spawned afterward. All cord instruments come from Greeks but I stand corrected if someone else brings another argument (besides Islam invented everything; which we all know/and accept/ already)

My new age favorites are Neil Schon and Hillary Stagg. Check them out.

midnight rider said...

Andre I'm with you on Music vs. TeeVee. I have about 1500 CD's. Plus cassettes and old vinyl. They're just all over the house.

"Life without music would be an intolerable insult."

"Music clouds the intellect but clarifies the heart."

both by Ed Abbey