Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Night Around the Radio

You wouldn't have had video when this song was popular so none tonight, either.
Instead grab your honey, pull him or her close, and be ready to sway around the kitchen. Or, you know, whatever :)
For The Greatest Generation

May we yet rise to our own challenges and make them proud.
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

Moonlight Serenade

Daughter # 2's Favorite Picture in the Whole Wide World. Since she was a kid.

Got a b.a. print of it hanging in her dorm room.


Pastorius said...

One of the things my Mom and I did in the days leading up to my Dad's funeral was go to the store and buy CD's of the Big Band music my father loved.

He was not much of a Glenn Miller fan. My Dad was more like a Progressive Rock fan of today.

He loved Henry James in the 40's, but as time moved on, he got into Stan Kenton, and Pete Ruggolo.

My Dad also turned me on to this music:

Don Ellis' Big Band was popular in the late sixties through the mid-70's.

Later in the 80's my Dad started getting into electronic music, of all sorts. He turned me onto all kinds of crazy shit.

Pretty open-minded old Greatest Generation thing.

One interesting thing about my Dad is he NEVER liked to do anything over and over. He would never watch a movie more than once, and he got tired of music rather quickly.

In other words, other than because of my prodding, he would never pull out old records and listen to them.

midnight rider said...

I saw th Ellis post at CUANAS a coule days ago. Never hear dof him before you mentioned him a few weeks ago. Pretty good stuff.

I'm not as much into big bands as I am quartets, sextets etc but stuff like Miller or Goodman or the Dorseys I still love.

Pastorius said...

I was a huge Big Band fan when I was a teenager. I started playing drums after hearing Louie Bellson's Big Band at Disneyland.

I've seen Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, Akiyoshi/Tabackin, and Maynard Ferguson.

I never did see the Don Ellis Big Band, unfortunately.

But, like you, I do like smaller groups better.

To me, the best jazz bands in history were Miles mid-to-late 60's band (Hancock, Williams, Carter, and Shorter), and John Coltrane's Classic Quartet.

Currently, Wayne Shorter has a great band. They've been playing together consistently for a few years now, so they have that psychic relationship.

Weather Report wasn't really a jazz band as far as I'm concerned. They were a world music band, before there was any such thing as World Music. Back in the days before PC-BS.

midnight rider said...

Right, Weather Report was what was called Fusion at the time, not "pure" jazz. Although Miles kinda kicked it off with Bitches Brew.

Love Davis, Coltrane, Monk, Mingus, Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, Brubeck, Brecker, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett Trio and on and on and on. . .

Pastorius said...

Yeah, Weather Report was called Fusion, along with other bands like

Brand X
Return to Forever
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Tony Williams Lifetime,


Which of these bands is not like the others?

Weather Report. They were nothing like what was called Fusion.

They were a seamless blend of various world musics.

And Zawinul kept getting better and better with the blend as he got older.

Andre79 said...

For the sake of contrast, another of my favorites

Andre79 said...

How about some posts with really bad music/videos? There's a lot of good music floating around but there is also bad. Just for fun.

Andre79 said...


Andre79 said...

I mean it can't be *that* bad

midnight rider said...

Thank you for that, Andre. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go pour bleach in my ears. . .

midnight rider said...

You're right aboput Weather Report, Pasto. RTF saounds like DiMeola alone or Corea alone or even Stanley Clarke alone. Mahavishnu often sounds like McLaughlin alone and they all sound alike. Not a bad thing, just the same.

Get a chance to try 75 yet?

Andre79 said...

Sorry, just a weird sense of humor and not enough JD in my blood.

midnight rider said...

Just bustin' on ya, buddy. They were pretty bad. Makin' my way to the Wild Turkey now.

Epaminondas said...

All the music of that time had something special.

However, if I had to pick one... Cole Porter runs away with it.

Lyrics, melody, humor (he was once challenged by a friend to write a HIT song without using the words he used most, THING and LOVE ..and that's how the great the "The thing called love" came about)

In a ride to Montreal back before XM, WAY BACK as in Reagan years we hit a spot devoid of signal except for a french jazz station and they were playing THIS - one cut of which you can hear HERE

Changed our taste FOREVER.

Pastorius said...

WTF is with that Mrs. Miller woman, Andre?

For God's sake.

My wife is singing at church today, and my daughter and I just triple-dog-dared her to sing in that style. Thing is, you can't get out of a triple-dog-dare without serious consequences, so my wife has got to do it.

Seriously though, who the hell every enjoyed Mrs. Miller's music. She is insane. She's like the Captain Beefheart of the 40's or something.

Pastorius said...

Did Mrs. Miller, by any chance, die a violent death?

By the way, that Slipknot video is amazing.

midnight rider said...

Epa that cheek to cheek is some really sweet stuff. Love Louis & Ella & together, oh wow.

Andre79 said...

She was an eccentric millionaire who actually owned the recording company. She's awful but I laugh every time when I listen her "singing".

Epaminondas said...

Mrs Miller? As in "How gentle is the rain...."


Andre79 said...

"Epaminondas said...

Mrs Miller? As in "How gentle is the rain....""

She got me at "love me tender-lee".