Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Two-Year-Old Knows Her Faith

The following video indicates just how seriously Moslems take teaching Islamic doctrine and culture to their children:

This little muslimah lives and makes her profession of faith in New York City.

Do those of faiths other than Islam train their children in the same way and at such a young age?


Anonymous said...

Note the obligatory yid-bashing and anti-Christian brainwashing.

Maybe we ought to
boost kuffar birthrates like they do in Georgia

Epaminondas said...

2 and her teachers teach KKK-ism

Surely there is a way to treat such teaching as we did what they taught.

Anonymous said...

Have a strong feeling my dog could "parrot" "information" such as this if he had himself a decent set of vocal cords and a voice box.

Always On Watch said...

Enough parroting, and the neural imprint is a done deal.