Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shine a Light Tonight!

In about 30 minutes here in the Northeast it will be 8:30 pm, the start of this time zone's participation in Earth Hour, or, reject technology and sit in the dark for the good of the Planet. Play dead for an hour and say no to global warming. Show solidarity with the United Nations as they switch their lights off (and make themselves a hazaard to air traffic, one assumes). Join your Obamabot neighbors as they turn of their 50 inch plasma tvs and sit reading Audacity of Hope aloud to each other by candlelight. If you must drive, do it with your headlights off. Maybe you can contribute to lightening the population burden of Mother Earth. And besides, it's good practice for coping with the results Obamassiah's cap and trade plan.

Well, bugger that for a lark says I.

At 8:30 sharp every light in my home is getting switched on, including the porch light, which I will need because I'm out the door and headed for various points around our fair town where I will sit with my high beams on until I make a point or the cops catch me, whichever comes first.

Go thou and do likewise!


midnight rider said...

Screw that, I'm with Revere. Turn up your stereo while you're at it. Really rattle the neighbors.

Don't be Sheeple. Stand, Defy, Resist for your Freedom!

Anonymous said...

So, I told my husband that I am going to turn on all the lights - including the "security" floods that I use very rarely.

He said, "too bad we don't have any ELO to blast on the outdoor speakers!" He is a very low key guy, so when he said this I almost spewed the water I was drinking.

I think we may find some other music to play, but Electric Light Orchestra would have been SWEET!


Pastorius said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

Michael Travis said...

Holy shit! No one told me about this important excessive in global citizenship..... My lights are all glaring through the open windows on this [almost, practically] balmy Massachusetts evening... and my loud music is driving my Pakistani neighbours mad.

Where do I go to apologise?

Michael Travis said...

That's "exercise" in global citizenship.

midnight rider said...

Apologize for what, Michael? :)


revereridesagain said...

Most disturbing discovery of the evening: On a foggy night you can't see the lighthouse from the other side of the harbor. (WTF??!!? I thought that's what the freakin' lighthouse was for.)

Pastorius said...

I think you'd better head down to the local FEMA camp and file an apology form immediately.