Saturday, March 28, 2009

Resistance at the Speed of Light

Today American Thinker jumps on something which, with the media, even Fox (Glenn Beck excepted on TV, and single interview of Jim DeMint on Brian and the Judge on XM/Sirius) missing HR 1388 as a potentially MAGNETIC indicator of who Barack Obama REALLY is, started bothering me about midweek.

It is true that since Sept 15th (Lehman Bros failure ..or allowed non bailed collapse) the speed with which critical events domestic and foreign have occurred in both a chain and at random (to us) has continued to accelerate.

We know the list...take a breath and say it with me...Washington Mutual, AIG, Citi, JP Morgan, retreats, jets, GM, Chrysler, cabinet picks, cabinet tax problems, inauguration, cabinet picks, cabinet tax problems, the dollar, immense spending and invention of cash, cabinet picks, cabinet tax problems, Norks and missiles and nukes, China's navy chasing off the US, Russia announces rearming, Iran and Venezuela become OFFICIAL ass hole buddies, Sandinista revivals, ex CNN reporter, a communist wins in another central american election, unions and card check, Obama power grabs, attacks on those who speak out ANYWHERE to Obama's right (have you checked out Moveon blasting CNBC?), farting around the edges of Fairness Doctrine, Iranian determination for nuclear weapons, Israel takes out Gaza, Freeman, jews, AIG, cabinet picks, cabinet tax problems, Iraq looks better, Afghanistan looks way worse, Pakistan gives up SWAT and NW Territories, Sharia rules there unopposed, Obama reaches out in knee pad dhimmitude to Abbas, Al Arabiya and the mullahs, he insults our oldest ally, pressures our ONLY real mid east ally, is frozen over Russia, Venezuela and China, scoffs at Britain as special, writes under questionable judgment to an older (progressive) leader of France, borrows so much money our T Bill sales fall short, incurs PUBLIC doubt about America's credit from those in the world who hold the most T-bills, demonstrating for all our limited sovereign imperative, stays with cabinet picks, cabinet tax problems, more AIG, Obama's 1st judge pick turns out to be an ACORN fundraiser, fake bonus fury by a congress which inspires a mob reaction to no purpose, Sec Treas who cannot present his case to anyone anywhere effectively, and cannot descibe where in the Constitution he derives authority for what he wants (because it's not there) and finally just barely misses with HR 1388 creating what in the wrong hands would be a polite SA, but with the same intimidating effect,.........

All painting a picture of someone bambi like in protecting us from overseas danger, and is a danger to the republic himself within our borders out of his determination to remake this nation into one without risk at the bottom end by removing any top end. Spread it around ... BY LAW, MANDATORY. Step out of line and we 'examine' your work. You'll be Geithnerized. Thorazine nation. Mild salsa in case it might be too hot for some. All in the public interest, you see. 'We're doing the good thing, those who resist are saying no to progress and social justice, and perhaps we'll publish you address if things get tight'

It is ILLIBERAL. Why is this not yet clear?

Obama is probably depending upon the slowness of the people to react in time to stop him. This is both practical and FAR MORE DISGUSTING than any attitude or incompetence of Mr. Bush who more and more appears in his worst moment BENIGN by comparison domestically. In fact what I see is that so much like the Islamic radicals, the democrats spent 8 years attacking Mr. Bush out of projection .. they accused him of what they knew they would do if in power.

And they are attempting it.

But these words, these leaflets of today, these objections, discussions, accusations, over the top or measured all appear at the speed of light.

Yesterday, out of the blue, a client who runs a print shop with whom I had never had a discussion involving politics asked me when we were going to have a tea party in xxxxx. The discussion veered to the free speech, Jefferson and the 2nd Amendment.

I'm not sure we represent a majority. But neither did Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, the Adamses, Hancock, Washington, Henry, Paine, or any of the others.
There are just some people who will not renounce those ideas, at all.
We can't. It's not matter of choice.
No matter what
Property is freedom.
Property is MINE.
It's too late Mr. Obama.


Christine said...

I read lastnight that Beck had mentioned a march on Washington.

It needs, no MUST be done. Yes, there have been Tea Parties. But, they have been mostly ignored. More than likely because they think we are just throwing little temper tantrums and we will get over it. Will just all head back home and quietly write and call our representatives. Nobody expects Republicans to make any real stink about anything. We're too "conservative".

We need to prove them wrong this time. If our side sticks with the old way, we will lose.

A march on Washington must be held and it must be huge. In line with the MLK speech huge. It's the only way our voice will be heard.

It's time for us to stand up for our rights.

Epaminondas said...

Sounds about right.

With people who brought rails, tar and feathers?

A very attractive idea?
Give out tri-cornered hats

Third continental congress.

Christine said...

Do we have our own "Code Pink" or Move On? Obviously something like this needs an organizer.

Who can we contact?

This needs to move away from the individual blog posts. I know others are interested, saw replies last night on another blog.

christian soldier said...

It only took 55...
who were willing to lead....
They WROTE their intent...
They SPOKE their intent...
They FOLLOWED THROUGH with their intent...

Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment march on Washington is going to be in 2010 - one of the problems with a march on DC is the time it takes for the permits, and the time and money it takes to get the porta-potties, security, etc.

It takes someone with a lot of money and organizational and fund-raising ability.

It is do-able, but I have a sneaking suspicion it would be tough getting a permit, too.


Damien said...


If only John McCain had done a better job of campaigning and had campaigned as a conservative, we might not have to deal with this guy in the white house.

Pastorius said...

Awesome post, Epa. Thanks.

Pastorius said...

By the way, Epa, I know you live in a very liberal state. It's quite amazing that this man, who didn't even know you, felt comfortable with proposing the idea of a Tea Party in such a Liberal area.