Sunday, March 29, 2009

WMD Proliferation Party: Iranian Missile Team In North Korea For ICBM Test Launch

From the Washington Post, via Closing Velocity:



Having earlier noted the ballistic missile proliferation life cycle enjoyed by Iran and North Korea, even I am surprised by the AudacityTM of this development:

[Japanese newspaper] Sankei said in a separate dispatch from Washington that 15 personnel from the Iranian satellite and missile development company Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group are staying in North Korea at the invitation of the North Korean government.

Quoting unnamed intelligence sources in Washington it said are close to North Korean affairs, Sankei said the Iranians are likely to join North Korean preparations for the launch and also observe it. The report said North Korea sent missile experts to Iran when it launched a satellite in February.

North Korea is believed to have sold missiles to Iran, and Iran's Safir-Omid space launch vehicle owes much to the North's Taepodong missile.

Iranians in North Korea, North Koreans in Iran. It's as if WMD proliferation is something around which the North Koreans and Iranians revolve. An "axis," if you will. You know, another laughably archaic term, like "enemy combatants" and "Global War on Terror."

What would embolden the Iranians to now openly bask in the once-blistering proliferation spotlight? (hint)

So lets' compare the respective cycles each side of this crisis has demonstrated:

North Korea-Iran Ballistic Missile Proliferation Cycle

  1. NK mass produces basic ballistic missiles (Scuds), sells them to Iran & others.

  2. NK uses the proceeds to fund advanced ICBM development & deployment.

  3. NK sells advanced missile technology to Iran.

  4. Iran utilizes NK's advanced technology to fire its first space launch vehicle (SLV), aka ICBM. NK is on-site for the launch and takes copious notes, both on the technical aspects and the West's (non)response.

  5. NK quickly labels its ICBM test a "space launch," too. NK improves its own ICBM, with the Iranians on-site, taking their own copious notes.

  6. Rapidly repeat Steps 1-5 until each party has long range ICBMs capable of reaching the United States.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has its own audacious cycle; his famous Hope plays a big role:

  1. Allow the North Korean Taepodong-2 test go off without a hitch, with Hillary Clinton (and now Bob Gates) proclaiming that the US has no plans to intercept a possibly US-bound ICBM. Completely ignore the deterrent value of missile defense.

  2. With unopposed missile launches, North Korea & Iran share ICBM technology (see 5 above). The speed at which Iran builds an ICBM capable of reaching Europe and the eastern seaboard of the US increases dramatically.

  3. Scrap European-based defense against long-range Iranian ICBMs, thus having no plans to intercept a possibly US-bound ICBM. Completely ignore the deterrent value of missile defense. Again.

Which cycle wins?


Epaminondas said...

I've really lost my patience

Andre79 said...

There's no "axis of evil" and Bush is an inarticulate moron.

I'm sure all Japan will agree.

Anonymous said...

**Tinfoil Hat Alert**

Does anyone think that maybe he actually wants a strike on US soil so he can claim a national emergency, impose martial law and round his "enemies" up?

**Alert Off**

Andre79 said...

Whatever is in Kimmy's brain should be analyzed in a safe environment by specialists wearing white coats. Maybe all Japan, Taiwan and South Korea should wear tinfoil hats when going tomorrow at work because nothing is going on, really.

I'm sure Husein will deliver them a speech as soon as he puts Merkel back to her place.

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone think that maybe he actually wants a strike on US soil so he can claim a national emergency, impose martial law and round his "enemies" up?"

Funny this used to be one of my worst Bush fears, that he would find some way, some new disastser/attack to keep from there being a peaceful handover in power. But thankfully, no...he went quietly into the night. But not before pushing this country as close as it has ever been to a dictatorship. But if you guys wanna continue to hyperventilate about the latest President, go ahead.

Seriously, this blog is out there. "tinfoil hat alert'? Maybe everyone needs to re-wrap them or replace the foil. Too much alien broadcast is getting thru, rotting your brain....

Anonymous said...

Maybe your BDS is rubbing off.

I never had BushChimpHitlerite zombies knocking at my door, asking me to pledge to support the spawn of Hitler's world-domination agenda. And taking my information to report back to the SonofHitler.

I never saw BushChimpHitler call out private citizens for exercising their freedom of speech in criticizing the government. No matter what you think of Rush or that Basso guy, that is truly troubling and incredibly creepy.

And BushChimpHitler had plenty of opportunity to do so, including when "patriotic dissenters" harassed and then vandalized the Marine recruiting office.

I do think, however, that it is very possible that had this
"crisis" happened earlier in the Bush administration, we may have seen him implement many of the same fascistic government-corporate alliances in the name of "saving" capitalism by killing it, or something.

So, now that your BDS has subsided, seriously, maybe you can explain how Bush pushed this country as close as it has ever been to a dictatorship. (You do know what Woodrow Wilson and FDR did to private citizens, right?)

I think the fact that the President of the United States thinks that it is appropriate for him to intimidate private citizens for exercising their rights is pretty "out there".

This blog's got nothin' on that.

Anonymous said...

dear leader
that man in n.korea is going places if he can take care of his health problems salutes to the future prez of north and south korea's

Anonymous said...

is that a trick question? EVERYONE LOSES, children. To pick your options is to simply allow oneself to be cornered into picking sides. There is probably the same kind of person doing the same kind of thing on your enemenese sides

All sides must be stupid in this case, in the long run but this has been forewarned. You want to be hero don't drag people down with you. The boat is already rocking.

Pastorius said...

Anonymous probably does believe we're really at war.

What's the newly minted term? A Contingency Operation, or whatever the fuck?

Andre79 said...

Another condescending post from a lefty who knows everything. How unusual.