Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Forms Coalition With Two Salafist Groups To Ensure Sharia Constitution For Egypt

Arab Spring:
Several Islamist political groups, including Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya, the Freedom and Justice Party and Al-Dawa Al-Salafiya have announced that they will form a coalition of political parties and Islamic forces to ensure that Egypt's new constitution is shaped in accordance with Islamic sharia (law). 
They aim to coordinate with the Constituent Assembly in order to do so, stating that they will not accept the takeover of the drafting process by a "minority of liberals", according to statements made during a meeting at the headquarters of the Islamist Building and Development Party on Tuesday. 
The group announced that they will not accept a constitution that contradicts sharia, and they plan to organise popular movements to support their cause. They are also calling for sharia to become the "only source" of legislation.

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Epaminondas said...

Everyone HERE understood the first moment we saw the masses in Tahrir what was going to happen. NO one here had any doubt of the outcome because we understood what the people there want, and have a personal responsibility to ensure is the outcome. No one in govt expressed this and those who DID, such as Mr. Bolton were drowned out. But now we are far along to the next step ... this is what Huntington looks like. It came the MOMENT the muslim people could express their will.

75 years from now, books will be written about how the west failed at every step to understand this.