Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Campaing Ad Equates Voting For Obama With Having Sex

(with a hat tip to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS)

The devolving exhibited by the Democratic Party during this election season continues. Trashy, to say the least:

Wow. Just wow.

Have some people lost their minds, or what?

Check out this recent trash talking on the part of Barack Hussein Obama. Civil discourse, huh?  Pffffft.

By way of interest, please compare the above video to one of Vladimir Putin's recent political ads (hat tip to The Right Scoop), and note the parallels:

Some reading from the UK's Mail Online: "Barack Obama, the 2008 'hopemonger', has become the fearmonger-in-chief of the 2012 election campaign."  It's worth your time to read the Mail Online's October 25, 2012 article indicating that Obama really is America's Demagogue-in-Chief. Can today's American electorate recognize such tactics and repudiate them? We'll find out on November 6.


Nicoenarg said...

Good to know Obama looks up to Putin...because I thought he only looked up to himself...sort of like a god.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't until I heard Rush repeat "Lena Dunham's" name today that this ad caught my attention. Given the alleged moral indiscretions of Barry's mom (as revealed in Joel Gilberts film circulating in battleground states) the irony is beyond rich.

WC said...

Classlessness is the calling card of the Left.

Compare that skank in the Obama ad to the beauties in the Putin ads.

No comparison.