Friday, October 26, 2012


Glenn Beck: Today officially is the day that I no longer recognize my country.

story here


Nicoenarg said...

Wow! That is so powerful and so awfully sad.

I hope the truth comes out and justice is served.

What's enraging is that the 4 Americans who lost their lives could have been saved, they could have been helped. The White House watched while they were mercilessly murdered.

Why isn't Obama being tried for treason?

midnight rider said...

Treason. Or Criminally Incompetent?

I begining to get a whole Deer in Headlights impression of Obama and the Administration's response to real time intel on this.

Like they couldn't believe it was really happening.

Which, of course, is not something you want to see in your Commander in Chief.

Epaminondas said...

Get a grip, Glenn.

Politics as usual.

SEE: General Charles Stone. Wiki's story only HINTS at the cynicism of the Senate, House, and Abraham Lincoln on this one.

This is a simple trail. Obama did not want to chance a ambush of rescue forces, or any 'needless' american deaths, and so thought he was doing the right thing and by his lights he was.
He probably expected that those on the left would laud him for avoiding other deaths, especially since he probably wanted so badly to believe that the video was responsible.

Anyway, he's busy now, and wondering why we can't MOVEON.
If he gets re-elected, and Akin and Mourdock don't prevent the Repubs from gaining ground in the Senate just wait until you see the wriggling of the worms at the hearings.

This is nothing.