Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why Trump Doesn’t Scare Me

From Scott Adams of the Dilbert Blog:
Donald Trump scares a lot of people. They worry that he is a crazy racist who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. They worry that he will needlessly insult foreign leaders. They worry that he isn’t sufficiently knowledgeable to do the job. And so on. 
But unlike the frightened masses, I perceive Trump to be safer than the average candidate for president. 
You might wonder what-the-hell I’m seeing that you are not seeing. That’s worth detailing because it is always fascinating when people look at the same situation and have wildly different interpretations. 
With that setup, here are my reasons why Donald Trump does not scare me. 
I’m From New York 
You know how Trump is always saying inappropriate and violent-sounding things? Most people see that type of language as offensive and even dangerous. 
The exception is people who grew up in New York. We see it as “talking.” 
After college, when I moved from upstate New York to California, I had to relearn how to talk. My New York style offended nearly everyone. 
Let me give you an example of how a Californian talks compared to a New Yorker. 
Californian: It looks like it might rain today. 
New Yorker: Oh, shit. Fucking rain. I need that like I need a goddamned bullet in my head. 
See the difference?


WC said...

Damn right. I'm from NY. New Yorkers don't have time for BS. They male their point and make it HARD!

WC said...

And I'll add I've been telling people for months to read Trump's book The Art of the Deal. The first chapter explains how he enters into a negotiation.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not fron NY, but I think that I understand where Trump is coming from.

What scares me is that he might lose this election.

WC said...

Yep. That scares me more.