Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The List...

of things offensive to many devout Muslims, that is:
This list is a work in progress. I welcome suggestions. Anyone who has more items to add to the list, post them in the comments.

The intent of the list is to illustrate the futility of the multicultural approach to Islam. Sharia law demands submission not only from Muslims, but from non-Muslims as well. This makes respectful coexistence nearly impossible with Muslims in Infidel lands. The examples below serve as reminder that submitting to one complaint or another only emboldens Muslims to seek to further their ultimate goal of establishing sharia.

The West needs to come to grips with this fact and start standing up for our God-given rights of free speech, free expression and freedom of religion, lest we surrender those rights to a theocratic movement bent on removing our Constitutional freedoms that we hold dear. In this case, our tolerance will lead to intolerance.


The English Flag being flown in England, as well as St. George Pins, worn by Englishmen in England.
Austrian flag, Soccer Ball with Saudi Flag.


The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, The Giant Buddha's, The new Apple store in Manhattan.
The Beslan Memorial, Pool halls and coffee shops, Kaaba-Shaped Bar in NY.


The Trinity, Pope Benedict XVI. Pope John Paul II, Australian Prime Minister John Howard , Coptic Pope Shenouda III., Robert Spencer, The name "Crusaders" , The Cross, Christmas presents, Bibles, Lip synching videos, Craig Winn, Prayer, Valentine's Day, Christians who accidently touch the Koran, Street Evangelists.


The existence of Israel, The reality of the holocaust, Holocaust Day (UK), Teaching of the Holocaust.


The Dalai Lama


The Danish Cartoons, Videos of Danes drawing Mohammed. Cartoons about Uday and Qusay's death. These photoshops, The Buddy Christ, Cambridge University cartoon, Pokemon, Opus.


The Movie "The Passion of the Christ" The Italian Film, 'Il mercante di pietre' (The Stone Merchant)
"24", Disney's "Aladdin", Vincent Gogh's "Submission", A French play by Voltaire, "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" Rubber duck hostage video, Ohio CarAd, The Movie ,"300" PBS Documentary "Islam v Islamists" Jihad, the Musical.


Burger King ice cream cones, Jewish cookies. pork, even when consumed by non-Muslims. Alcohol, Quebec day-care lunch menu, Hot-Cross Buns, Cola Cola, Easter Eggs, Ham Sandwiches accidentally served to Muslim prisoners .


Music in general, A rap CD with Quranic verses. An award winning Spanish song, A party honoring late rock star Freddy Mercury, Mozart, Gospel music in a church van,


Disc jockey humor.


Piggy banks The Chinese "Year of the Pig" Toy Pigs, Pig-shaped stress relievers, Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, The Three Little Pigs, Dogs, guide dogs.

Public Figures

Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, and Zachariah Anani, "The 3 Ex-Terrorists." Daniel Pipes, Ayaan Hirsi-Ali, MP Phil Woolas (UK), Virgil Goode, Jack Straw, Bloggers The US Congress


The passport photo of a 5 year old girl, Women who allow themselves to be raped, The Panty Jihad, Egyptian feminist Nawal al-Saadawi, The clitoris, Hugging a man in public, The breats of female mannequins, female dolls, pin-ups on RAF jets, Unclothed Sex, Breast Feeding, Britney and Madonna.

Books/Publications and writers

Salmon Rushdie's "Satanic Verses", Rushdie's Knighthood, A book by an Egyptian feminist., French and German Newspapers, Canadian Flyers, Nobel Prize winning author, Naguib Mahfouz, Harry Potter.


Tate British Museum, Delta College, Harper College Photo Exhibit


Airport security, A Yemini man who refused to wake up for prayers, Mustafa Shag, Prison toilets, Indrek Wichman, Barbers , eyebrow plucking for men, Chess, Staring or looking, Nike "flame" logo, Polio Vaccine, a moment of silence to commemorate 9/11 in Brussels, Colored Underwear, Koran-Themed Toilet Seats.

Contributing Blogs and websites
Go to this post at The Amboy Times for all the details and enabled links.

So, how much of the above are YOU willing to give up?


Pastorius said...

What a great post.

Was this your idea?

Always On Watch said...

I've been searching for such a list off and on. This morning, I visited The Amboy Times. Lo and behold! There on the sidebar was a link to this posting by the blogmaster there. Apparently, he posted the list back in February, but for some reason I'd never noticed it.

I remember your commenting to me some time ago "I love the life we have here in the West."

As do I! Lately I've been thinking what we stand to lose.

This list has something for almost everyone on it, I think. Something (maybe lots of somethings) we'd like not to have to give up to accommodate Muslims living in a Western nature/culture.

Pastorius said...

Remnember , a long time ago, I did a series of posts called, "All that we can't leave behind..."

And the purpose was the same, to compile a list of the things that Islam would want to take away from us.

I love this idea. I'll have to put this post up on Important Posts.


Always On Watch said...


Over time, we can keep adding as the dhimmis keep conceding.

Kiddo said...

One minor edit: Vincent was the Great-Uncle. Theo van Gogh made the film "Submission".

kevin said...

Thanks I fixed it.
Thanks again.