Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Don’t Pop the Champagne Corks Yet

Fox News reports:

As top Dems abandon their posts, Republicans are cautiously upbeat about chances of taking Senate seats. Sen. Chris Dodd, who has represented Connecticut for more than three decades in Congress, announced Wednesday that he will not run for re-election in November.

Dodd joined two other prominent Democrats Wednesday in ditching plans to run for office in the fall.

So – should we be cheering?

Not necessarily. This news worries me.

The Democrats today are a new political beast willing to commit political suicide over the last year to jam their Progressive agenda down America’s throats - consequences to the Party be damned. Democratic Senators and Congressmen and Governors are seeing the hand writing on the wall and are dropping out of races in their States and Districts.

This is not necessarily good news for Republicans.

I would rather face a dangerous WOUNDED beast than a healthy unknown one - one that will try to spoof Independents again with words like moderate or conservative Democrat. And that’s what Republican contenders could very well be facing in November.

We know now, watching the arrogance of ALL Democrats in Congress, that there is no such thing as a moderate or conservative Democrat. But the new beasts running in 2010 will try to pull the wool over the voter’s eyes once again.

I hate to be a party pooper but don't pop the Champagne Corks Yet on the news that prominent Democrats are dropping like flies.


Epaminondas said...

if the republicans gain this year they should have no doubt that it represents no more than a moment in which the public can't stand the democracts a bit more then they can't stand the republicans.

Congress and the two parties have LOST the faith of the american people. I don't know what can be done to replace the parties now, but it is my observation that they do not serve the people, who, wish to be FREE of them AND the govt the parties represent in their daily lives.

WC said...

EPA - it's more serious that that.
How do you stop someone that is willing to jump off a political bridge over the next 12 months and take you with them?

Anonymous said...

No stopping it.

They will drag us into their collectivist hell - whether we kick and scream or not.

Epaminondas said...

The only explanation for the dem behavior is that they ARE convinced they are going to lose and maybe face 1994. THEY HAVE DECIDED to ideologically execute the agenda while they can, this year.

The harder they try, the bigger the rejection, and the greater the sea change.

Remember, Carter, Clinton were just moments in a center-right half century, and Obama may be a tipping point to a more conservative than Reagan era which will see supermajorities to reverse any stupidities.

IF AND ONLY IF the republicans behave and lead in a manner which regains the lost credit the american people pulled back.

WC said...

EPA - supposing the worst, the Dems get health care passed, cap & trade goes through, and so does amnesty - what can be done to reverse these - if possible at all after 201 or 2012?

Epaminondas said...


As for amnesty, no way. You can't create criminals expost facto - essentially an attainder.

However .. I think they shot their bolt already, and there are some people on that side beginning feel their scrotums tighten.

I don't think cap and trade will go thru, but he EPA's command executive power has to be addressed. We were ALL irresponsible in allowing such a situation WAY BACK

Pastorius said...

I think WC is right. The Dems have shown themselves willing to go down with the ship to get this agenda passed.

SamenoKami said...

The Dems want the crapola passed asap before Nov'10. They know for a fact that if there are 99Rep Senators and 430Rep House members in Jan'11, that NONE of this will ever be reversed. The Reps are headed to the same place as the Dems, the Reps just go slower. The Reps couldn't even de-fund the NEA in the '90s. Reps promised me for years 'just give us the power and we'll turn the country around.' We did that from '01 to '06 and they didn't do a thing except make matters worse.
Witness Steele's lame running of the Rep Party. I get the 'tell us what you think about Obama' crap survey once a week. Reps have no plan to win or to run the country.
Don't whine about Obama, tell me what you are going to do.