Saturday, April 24, 2010

Islam equals hypocrisy par excellence

Muslims love to prattle on about how warlike the 'infidels' are, especially America or anyone that can be portrayed as one of America's friends.  A recent op-ed in a Malaysian government-controlled newspaper*, The Star, excoriated former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, stating in this piece that "Malaysia must not allow this mass murderer to be immune from justice."  So says the author of said piece, one "Professor Shad Saleem Farudi". OK, I get it...America is evil and so is anyone that cooperates with America. 

Meanwhile, Muslims who are actually engaged in ongoing mass murder of the worse sort imaginable--bombings and shootings of Muslims praying at mosques, bombings of Muslims being patched back together from said bombings in emergency rooms, bombings of Muslims who are attending funerals of other bombing/shooting victims--this merits, at most, only a passing mention in the Malaysian media.  Actually, such barbarisms are usually not mentioned at all, not in what passes as the 'Malaysian media'.  Not even a hint of condemnation is to be heard.

Tony Blair stands accused by many Muslims and Muslim groups as being a 'war criminal' and for committing 'crimes against humanity', while Saddam Hussein (may he rot in hell) is never similarly accused in the Muslim media.  Yes, Saddam is mercifully dead, thanks to the efforts of alleged 'war criminal' Tony Blair and others, but the authors of the real war crimes described above--the Taliban--are quite alive and well. And still, their enormous crimes are at best ignored, and perhaps tacitly accepted, by Malaysians of all stripes, both inside and outside the government and media.

Malaysia and its people studiously do nothing to fight against those who wantonly murder civilians, including women and children, in schools, mosques, hospitals, and elsewhere.  Why?  Because this means Malaysia would be openly seen to be helping Americans fight Muslims, you see.  Meanwhile, the aforementioned self-righteous Mister Shad Saleem Farudi of course cannot even be bothered to write a perfunctory proforma letter to the editor to speak ill of his fellow co-religionists, the Taliban, or of their many real war crimes.  Only infidels commit crimes against humanity, never Muslims.  Never mind the facts.  And when reality gets in the way, well, you just invent your own reality, like Mr. Farudi and his fellow Mohammedans have done.

All of this has made one thing loud and clear to me.  To be a Muslim means to be a hypocrite par excellence.

*All of the 'mainstream media' in Malaysia is government-controlled to some degree--nothing is published or remains in print or on TV without government permission.   

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