Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And then what are you prepared to do: PREDATORS TO FLY ABOVE TEX-MEX BORDER

global_hawks_mexico.jpgWhat is the use of this GOOD tactic if the strategy by the federal govt is to do very little .. at most capture via the same failed techniques, and then release back into Mexico?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate hearing Tuesday that unmanned aerial drones will soon fly through Texas skies!

"Big Sis" declared that over the past 15 months, federal law enforcement initiatives have made the border more secure than in any other time in history, the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports in Wednesday editions.

The new "predator bees" have the capability to fly at altitudes used by commercial aircraft, and are designed to enhance intelligence capabilities of federal, state and local law enforcement.

But a recent analysis of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles found that they were twice as likely to crash as manned aircraft, according to the Congressional Research Service.

This, at best, needs to be backed by highly mobile interdiction. And the govt of Mexico needs to be at the begin of a quiet process of being informed that if they are trying to govern a region so chaotic they cannot secure it, we will have to take certain measures to defend it. If this is combined with a proper immigration policy of admitting all those who REALLY want to join America, THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC which made it desirable to be here in the first place, then the republicans will NOT face some crackpot racist and profiling claims. But they need to get out ahead of the issue and I don;t see this occurring at all. CALLING MICHAEL STEELE.

Drones are a good idea.

Air mobile, highly armed troops and plenty of them are just as critical. If we don't have enough, I would suggest that our secure borders might begin to take priority over garrisoning Iraq.

Why do we have an army if not to secure the people from foreign threat?

Is Mexico foreign?

Are organized criminals crossing the border to do evil a threat to Americans?

Are we ready to legalize weed and tax the hell out of it to fund this and kill the corruption it causes yet?

But never mind, this administration is more concerned with the votes from the families of illegals based on their manipulated party perceptions than with their security from foreign organized private invasion (i.e. MS-13 etc).

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