Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sheriff Joe vs. Rev. Al

Anyone who has Al Sharpton on their show should keep a large roll of duct tape handy. . .


Unknown said...

Hi Guys.
Tought i'll drop in this U.S. panel: 13 nations violate religious freedomSaudi Arabia, China among countries cited; Obama urged to take action.Hahahahaha!

cjk said...

Amazing how a total scumbag race pimp like Sharpton gets any respect.
Another sign of how crocked everything is.
On a separate note it's interesting to see how hard the demonrats are squirming to try to move blacks to accept undocumented democrats. I think that Blacks on the whole are actually more anti-illegal immigration leaning than all the rest of society. I'm expecting the Man-Child to come out strong in support of a soon to be proposed 'Immigration reform bill' (amnesty)