Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona and it's 2 1/2 issues

zetas.jpgFor several years now I have been braying obnoxiously that is it possible for the USA to have SECURE BORDERS and relatively open immigration. That it is possible to have people come here looking for the America we read about and think about and FIND that opportunity, and thus help make, as did the scores of millions from ~1840-1924, this America into THAT America.
And it is possible to have closed, secure, impassable except by death, wounding and unconsciousness ..borders. That is an issue of will and physics, not possibilities.

For if we do nothing, then the future of the BOILED FROGS living in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas is being written right before our eyes in Mexico and those states right now.

Years before, we read of kidnappings there. Shootings there. But it was drug crimes right? Let them kill each other. Now it's it's up to armed helicopters crossing the border for airstrikes, and crimes every day by those crossing illegally for the purpose of crime, WITH IMPUNITY. Tomorrow it will be the Holididay Inn in Santa Fe, or Tuscon instead of Monterey where the armies of drug lords move in, take over, kill and kidnap and leave before, during and after police response, dueling with somewhat bribed, compromised law enforcement which was never intended to resist what is going on.

Too bad those worried now about being profiled by this new law in Arizona weren't performing more than reflexive knee jerks in the past 5 years. Too bad the ACLU and two parties couldn't have made a secure border AND created immigration "reform" immediately after.

Now there are more than the two issues of secure borders and immigration. Now there are too many illegal immigrants in Arizona there, not for the purposes of either becoming Americans or supporting their families. Now there are too many creating, supporting and suborning CRIME, There for the purposes of crime. And it's too late.

Arizonans, 70% of whom want and NEED this law despite misgivings over civil rights, had better be respected in terms of no federal interference or you can simply add their names to not only the Tea Party, but the rolls of those whose lives are endangered in a real way by their own govt. And you can bet that PLENTY of latinos are in that 70%.

The republican job here is to ensure this law is used as a pivot point to secure the national borders, AND open immigration to what it was in 1923. Anything else and the dems will get every open vote, and you all know what that means.

It's TWO issues not one.

Secure borders


AND THEN tackle the issue of those ILLEGALLY HERE but acting to further their own lives and that of their families

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