Monday, April 26, 2010

Hamas Branches Out

By adding an "art wing" (from Honest Reporting):
According to Reuters, Hamas now has an "art" wing, to join its armed and political wings.
Wielding art instead of arms, Hamas issued an animated video on Sunday aimed at pressuring Israel into trading hundreds of jailed Palestinians for Gilad Shalit, a soldier held captive in Gaza for almost four years.
"Wielding art" sounds so innocuous. If a manipulative propaganda video is a sign of Islamic moderation, what's all the fuss about South Park?
Any minute, I expect BHO to say, "See what good comes of reaching out to the Muslim world? Now, Hamas has discovered art appreciation." Pffft!

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Alexander M√ľnch said...

I've just embedded it on your Blog...
Telepathic ?...