Thursday, April 29, 2010

John Hawkins: 12 of the worst signs from the pro-illegal immigration protests

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Pro-illegal moonbats seem pretty sure North America is their continent


Unknown said...

Hi Guys.
Breaking News:Belgian lawmakers pass burka ban

revereridesagain said...

I support the free speech rights of these cockroaches. I do not, however, consider them fellow Americans beyond their technical citizen status. They are what is meant by "domestic enemies".

Those who are aliens, legal or otherwise, do not deserve to be considered for citizenship, and the illegal ones need to be kicked out on their criminal asses as soon as they can be identified, found, and arrested.

None of which will happen, of course.

Meanwhile the UN, which should be evicted from the prime real estate they occupy over in East Midtown posthaste, has elected Iran to its "human-rights monitoring commission on the Status of Women".

Autumn_Auburn said...

As I posted elsewhere... Let's trade! We'll give them America and we can take Mexico. Gardening would be much easier in their zone 10 than in my zone 3!

Ah well, they'd probably just follow us anyways. It's not our land they want. They want our country-our ideals and principles.

But a girl can dream! :)

Anonymous said...

As an American of Hispanic descent, I would like to say that not all of us agree with these criminals and idiots. In fact, a majority of us agree with English-only laws as well as NOT granting amnesty to any illegal aliens, Mexican or Irish or Somali.

Will somebody also please tell these Hispanics that Spanish is not the indigenous language of Central and South America and their conquest of those lands was more brutal and inhuman than North America's any day. Hypocrites or just illiterate idiots? I think both.

Their racism makes me sick. And their treatment of AFricans is far worse than Anglo-America's: later emancipation dates, greater number of slaves imported, especially Brazil, and blacks are definitely still the poorest group in Latin America, where the largest representational population is, I'm sorry to inform them of this: white!

Pastorius said...

Autumn Auburn,
The thing is, if we traded, within 100 years, Mexico would be a rich country and all the friggin' "Americans" would be clamoring to get into Mexico.

The problem is CULTURE. Their culture is one of tyranny and corruption, and ours is one of freedom and innovation.

Pastorius said...

Mighty Like A Rose,
I can't speak for all of us here at IBA, but I think most of us have friends who are Hispanic. We know full well that not all Hispanics are like this.

midnight rider said...

I have many Hispanic friends. You're both correct.

A true story to illustrate.

My wife works with a Hispanic gent (I believe he is from Puerto Rico). Helluva nice guy.

He also volunteers at the Census Bureau testing center.

So daughter # 2, in need of SOME type of employment to help pay the fucking COBRA bills until she can land a permanent position somewhere, decides to apply for a Census Worker position. Makes the phone calls, gets the practice test, shows up to take the test. Lady at the desk is very nice and helpful, gives her some info and instructions. Said Hispanic gent, volunteering as stated, accompanied her.

The test moderator arrives. And hands out the tests. They are


She states they have so few people showing up that speak English she doesn't bother to bring English versions along anymore and instead directs them to a different testing center, some miles away, for another day.

Daughter # 2 (& dad) were pretty fucking pissed off.

But not like my wife's co-worker, who hit the ceiling and told them this is the U.S. where English is the language.

He quit volunteering on the spot and hasn't returned, which left the testing center in a bit of a pickle to fill in whatever it was he did there.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time a carrot poked fun at an apple for being so boldly red. The apple retorted: "Well, at least I'm not all fucking yellow like that stupid banana over there!" The cucumber piped up: "Man if you aren’t green, how can you even stand to be seen?" The hazel nut began to chuckle at all of them for not being small and brown just like him.

This went on for quite some time until all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts began to manifest varying degrees of both superiority and inferiority.

Then one day a bunch of carrots went out for a walk and never came back. An investigation was launched, but certain details about the disappearance were kept from the general food population as this was deemed "for their own good and peace of mind". In the absence of these key pieces of data, all the foods began to suspect foul play, and soon they became fearful and suspicious of one another. Fear led to hate. Hate led to a simmering civil war.

You see, the foods already had a "Mainstream Media" of sorts for distributing highly processed information and entertainment, but they lacked a developed Internet for gathering unfiltered information, and they also suffered from a debilitating lack of curiosity. That which might be described as "scholarship" was essentially unheard of.

So when individually, and in small groups they finally came face to face with the strange and exotic Food Processor, they tended to be quite impressed with its smooth shiny surfaces, its odd bumpy projections, its remarkably transparent portions, and its glittering metal blades.