Saturday, April 24, 2010

France: Interior Minister wants an investigation on niqab'd driver's husband

The niqab'd driver with her husband
The interior minister wants to deprive
the husband of the niqab'd woman of his French nationality. He suspects he is a polygamist and a welfare faudster.
The case of the veil bounces up in place Beauvau. Reacting to verbalisation on April 2, Nantes, by the police to a 31-year-old woman because she was driving while wearing a full veil, the interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, wrote Friday to his Immigration colleague, Eric Besson. In this letter, which Le Figaro had access to, he reveals that according to his information, the husband of the woman "belongs to the radical movement Tabligh and lives in a situation of polygamy, with four women with whom he had had twelve children. Moreover, each of these women would benefit from the single parent allowance. "
The Minister continues: "I add, moreover, that these four women would wear the full veil." The minister concluded: "I ask the prefect of the Loire-Atlantique to immediately take all reasonable steps, with prosecutors and social services, to repress any evidence of polygamy and welfare fraud have been reported. I would be very grateful, also, if you would kindly study the conditions under which, if these facts were confirmed, the person (note: the husband) could be deprivement of his French nationality. " On Friday the driver gave a press conference where she claimed to feel a "sense of injustice" after been fined with 22 euros by a police motorcyclist who believed that "wearing a full veil while driving affects driver awareness".
We'll see the result of this affair.

From The gendarme has made
A reference to Article 412-6 of the Highway Code, which states that "all drivers must be constantly ready and in position to perform conveniently and without delay all its compulsory maneuver". The field of vision, especially, should not be reduced "by the number or position of passengers transported by objects or by adding non-transparent objects on the glass."
Her lawyer has said that motorcyclists couldn't drive with their helmets on. So a niqab is a protective security tool, isn't it?

More photos from the press conference:

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Anonymous said...

what religion are you in?

kate said...

Cette femme stupide aurait du payer son amende et se taire ,ce qui prouve que "leur bétise " les perdra !c'est une gangrène que nous avons en France et qui doit etre éradiquer ! nous en avons assez et notre gouvernement prend conscience enfin de notre exaspération ,sinon d'içi peu ce sera la guerre civile !

Anonymous said...

oooh votre va avoir un allright guerre civile. Malheureusement, il a été porté à votre porte par vos propres politiciens de gauche. ne me sens pas mal, tous vos voisins ont été sabataging leur pays et leur propre culture aussi. Ceci est le résultat quand la culture occidentale en général, a décidé elle-même haï.

Always On Watch said...

He suspects he is a polygamist and a welfare faudster.

Why am I not surprised?

Pastorius said...

Wow, these French people are getting serious.