Thursday, April 29, 2010

Police State: SWAT Team Called Out On Tea Party Patriots Rally

The shape of things to come…

Thanks to Jim Hoft and Big Government

The SWAT Team was called in today at the Quincy Tea Party Rally. Obama was speaking at the convention center this afternoon.

They were singing “God Bless America” …A sure sign of violence.


Anonymous said...

What a coward Obama is! Ha ha ha!
Compare to GWB who faced ACTUAL hostility from audiences in war zones . . .even ducking a shoe with ease.
BHO . . .what a maroon!

Pastorius said...

Yeah, he's afraid of a bunch of old ladies at a Tea Party.

midnight rider said...

Ta gotta wonder how many of those riot clad cops are thinking "What the fuck are we doing here? We look really stoooopid.""

midnight rider said...

But here, too, was the intimidation.

"Didn't we help pay for the streets?" "Yeah but they're gonna, I wouldn't question 'em. Go ahead and get on the sidewalk fast."

Anonymous said...

Unfreakingbelieveable. Riot police? He's dangerous! Trying to send a message to a group of grannies, are ya? Well, I'm listening to them now, and I wasn't before!

Way to go, BO!

Rebellious Kafir said...

Seriously? Cadence? Not that they were trying to appear militaristic by any means...Im sure we are all just mistaken, we really didn't see armed riot police at a TEA party, nothing to see here, move along

ps please practice starting off on your left foot,that way you will look much less stoooopid when you engage the Intimidation Maneuver.

midnight rider said...

I kept thinking about this video all night, getting more and more pissed off. Fucking jackboot tactics (even if out of step) on the streets of America.

Epaminondas said...

You don't think that the reaction in these comments was the PURPOSE of that POLITICAL STUNT?

It's a provocation people.

Everyone be cool.

Think a step ahead of that.


That way MSNBC can describe a crowd of 100,000 as being filled with 'menacing silence'.

Either way, overreacting moronic delight, or calculated provocation, the people there should have been politely inviting the police to JOIN THEM.

And putting flowers on their uniforms !!!!!!!!!

"If you're going to Quincy Illinois, be sure to wear a flower in your hair...."

We're over the tipping point with all this crap.

We don;t have to worry about the tea party momentum flagging by Nov. these morons will keep THIS stuff up.


revereridesagain said...

I won't miss a single one I can manage to get to between now and then, because this ties it. Obamassa wants to send SWAT teams out because my flowered cane looks dangerous, hey, be my guest, fool.

And hell yeah bring flowers for the SWAT teams. Can you imagine how these guys felt in the middle of a demonstration full of old ladies and people saying yes sir, thank you when asked to move? The police are not our enemies, and they know the TPs are a cream puff to deal with. They are not Obama's little private domestic army. Let's see if he tries THAT before November.

I agree with Epam: larger and peaceful. Especially LARGER. And as often as possible.

Pastorius said...

Yea, Epa is right. The more incongruous the police vs. the Tea Partiers, the better for us.