Monday, April 26, 2010

Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Cartoonifadas

YouTube link, in case the above video doesn't play properly.

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Anonymous said...

She's so calm, cool and collected.

I'm fucking pissed. I'm sick of this fucking shit, and I think Moehammy and all male Muslims have really tiny, tiny little stinky, penises and that's why they have to act out so violently cause they're ignorant pieces of brown shit, just like their prophet Moehammy.

I got waited on by Lubna in a high-end department store this week, and I was deeply offended to be waited on a by a veiled woman, whose religion tells her she needs to be neither seen nor heard.

I was polite. She told me that if I liked her service I could call a number on my receipt and put in a good word for her. And I'm thinking: When pigs fly, Lubna. Get that fucking scarf off your head and respect my way of life and my beliefs which finds the way Muslim women are treated and dress very offensive. In fact, I just may call that number and tell that department store how offensive that religious symbol is to my shopping spirit.

Fuck Moehammy. Fuck Islamic pigs. Fuck Islam.

We are at war people.