Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ignore BHO's Memo On Islam, Get Banned

The title here refers to Franklin Graham's being disinvited to offering prayer at the Pentagon on the upcoming National Day of Prayer.

From this source:
...Apparently Franklin didn’t get the memo that we can’t say squat about Islam anymore. Oh, hell no. Muslims are groovy no matter what they do, and anyone who says otherwise … is … well … evil … in the eyes of the thought police who’re heading up the United States of Political Horse Smack.

Check it out: When Muslims kill 3,000 Americans, we can’t call them “wicked.” When they abuse women, cut off little girls’ clitorises, stone unruly wives, honor kill their teenage daughters for texting someone not named Achmed, and keep precious women in stone-age bondage worldwide, we can’t say that’s BS because that might offend them. And God forbid we should offend folks who’re six bubbles off level and don’t get basic women’s rights.


...I’d like to thank Franklin for having the holy testosterone—amidst the many craven and neutered capitulating clerics, pundits and politicians across our land—to call Islam’s actions wicked because … duh … they are. Good job, old chap....
Franklin Graham called Islam "evil" in 2001, immediately following 9/11, and has since backed off fromthat label of "evil," even though he still continues to criticize Islam.

Graham's having his invitation rescinded has, as expected, gratified Muslim groups, this group, for one:
Imam Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of MAS Freedom, called the withdrawal of the invitation “a victory against outright religious bigotry and an affirmation that positive and affirming prayer should always be lifted up over the kind of invocations that come from people like Reverend Franklin Graham.”
Information about Mahdi Bray and the Muslim American Society and its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood HERE and HERE at Discover the Networks.

By the way, contrary to the popular rumor, BHO did not outright cancel the National Day of Prayer, scheduled for May 6. Instead:
President Barack Obama will not celebrate the day with a a prayer service in the east room of the White House.
BHO did meet with Billy Graham in North Carolina this past weekend; apparently, Franklin Graham was also present and briefly discussed with BHO the former's being banned from offering prayer at the Pentagon.

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Unknown said...

If he did not then why is there a petition on the Presidential prayer team their website to appeal the ruling by a court against the national day of prayer???
We the people of the United States do believe in praying to the sovereign God of the Bible, God Almighty, which historically has been expected and encouraged by Presidents through our 234-year history.
We believe that America’s success has been because we as a people and nation have honored God and made Him preeminent in our lives and recognized within our governmental functions.
We, the people of United States, do urge your administration to immediately appeal the recent ruling (case 08-cv-588-bbc) in the U.S. Western District Court which reverses a federal statute establishing a single day for our nation to meet together and pray.