Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Game Over III: 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion

Can you imagine anyone proposing limits on the rights of individuals to speak out against the other powerful institutions that frame our society? Can you imagine anyone proposing limitations on the criticism of Business, Government, Academia, or the Media?

The idea is ludicrous, just as it is ludicrous to propose limitations on the criticism of Religion.

If we were not allowed to criticize Government, we would be in danger of Government becoming too powerful in our lives. Likewise, with Business, Academia, and the Media.

Religion, being the most personal of all societal powers, is the institution which most needs to be criticized.

There are no sacred cows in a free society. There are no ideas, institutions, beliefs, properties, or powers which are beyond analysis, critique, insult, or ridicule.

If 78% of Muslims do not understand this simple truth of a Free Society, then that tells you something about the nature of Islam itself. Islam crushes Freedom.

There is no compatibility between Islam and a Free Society.

(with thanks to Damien)

Source for poll.

Another similar poll.


Damien said...


Its really scary, isn't it? If this doesn't convince people who value liberty that there is a serious danger to our society posed by Muslim fundamentalists, I don't know what will.

American Rose said...

Well said, Pasto. It's not a even a matter of "moderate" mooslums, guys. It's pisslam. Pisslam is incompatible with Western laws, customs and sensibilities. There are no moderate mooslums. pisslam must be outlawed in Western societies. And I'm sure the rest of the civilized world feels the same.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Nice to see how Muslims have assimilated so nicely into the mother of all democracies, and internalized its norms.

How about if, instead of having a "Guy Fawkes Day" this year, you celebrate a "Muhammed the false prophet day," have hangings and burnings of effigies of the non-apostle, make up ribald limericks and songs about his sordid sexual activities, give the kids a day home from school, etc? Maybe burn sacks full of rats, instead of cats?

Make it a national day of education, renewal and celebration! Go forth and be merry, my Albionic brethren!

Damien said...


The indigenous converts who have accepted the worst of Islam and want to turn their homeland into an Islamic state will be the hardest to deal with. Even if they commit a crime, You can't really deport someone to their homeland if they're already living in their home land, and if they refuse to leave, what Muslim country, could they force to accept them?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the native-born converts: 1) declare Islâm as an ENEMY ideology on the basis of its anti-Western inclinations (and make following it in the requisite regards to be high-treason); 2) use general laws against high-treason and sedition to arrest, convict and disenfranchise such people; 3) deport them out of the country as their penalty (the alternative being death), making it a felony for them to be found in the West (or at least their former country) for a certain minimum period of years (recommendation 25). Shi'ites go to Iran, Sunnis to Saudi Arabia. If none of those countries is willing to take them, periodically parachute them near enemy groups like Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or Al-Shabaab without any papers, money or anything else that they could use to identify them. This way, nobody could believe them if they try any possible way to come back.

This train of thought isn't fully developed, but hopefully it will get others going...

Anonymous said...

Re. previous comment: obviously, the offenders would have to be kept from each other until it were time to deport them; then, it would be a question of drugging them so they wouldn't know where they were being taken, The only things to help spare their lives would be to 1) make sure they're parachuted near to the enemy's camps, 2) they can eventually each be supplied with a 2-litre flask of distilled water so they can drink a little bit until they have a chance to find succour with their Islamist brethren in whichever country they were dumped in.

Pastorius said...

Islam has not changed in 1400 years. Yet, apparently, there are many of us Westerners who believe that the Western experience will inoculate Islam and cause the will to Sharia/Jihad to disappear from the Islamic mind.

I agree with you. It will not.

And, I agree that Sharia/Jihad is Sedition and ought to be taken extremely seriously. We need to end the ability of Muslims to stir up Sedition against our Western governments.

Anonymous said...

Source of statistic?

Pastorius said...

You know what? I'm not sure what the original source of the statistic is. I'm pretty sure this is a BBC documentary. I will endeavor to find out. We have a couple of British contributors here. Maybe they can help us.

Pastorius said...

Wow, it took me some time, because it was conducted in 2006 and most websites have removed it.

Here it is: