Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drugged, Raped And Jailed - In "Moderate" Islamic UAE

An Australian woman working for a resort company in the UAE was imprisoned for being drugged and then raped.

Why does this not surprise me? Maybe its because I have taken the time to learn a bit about Islam, which any person visiting an Islamic country or region should do.

Apparently, this woman did no research at all. Or, if she did, she accepted the PC mainstream media version.
Her company didn't tell her the real dangers, probably because it might offend other Muslim employees or somehow insult their own Islamic "values." So, now she wants to sue them.
Click on the title to read the whole thing at Jawa Report.


Silverfiddle said...

But I thought UAE muslims were the moderate ones, with 50% less nuts???

Damien said...


I hope she wins personally.

Anonymous said...

Um, I live in the UAE and she is not the only one that thinks that the UAE is some sort of a paradise set apart from the rest of the Muslim countries.

I hope she wins, as well. But I doubt she will. More often than not, when you sue a company, you are in turn suing the royal family (depending on which emirate she was in, it would decide which royal family she sues) and you can't win against the royal family.

Another thing is, the cases are fought in Arabic and you have to hire an Emirati to fight the case for you. Emiratis going against their own Sheikhs? Yeah, that'd be the day.

If the UAE was such heaven, why do you guys think I am trying to get the hell out of this country?

Oh by the way, Sex and the City people couldn't shoot in the UAE so they had to go over to Morocco. What they show to be the UAE is actually Morocco.

Pastorius said...

Those women who did the Sex and the City movie in the UAE, only to be told they had to shoot in Morocco, and still promote it as the UAE, -

those women are whores, and I wish they would get this woman's punishment.

Alexander M√ľnch said...

In UAE they are called :- Sharmutas !

In Pakistan they poke the eyes out of the miserable maniacs for watching them on DVD !


Epaminondas said...

Dog bites man.

There are too few confluences of ideals for western women to be working in those societies in such positions.


Pastorius said...

Allow me to clarify: EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF THAT MOVIE IS A WHORE; but the women, being the stars of the movie, are the biggest whores.

They made a movie which is essentially a commercial for Dubai, advertising that it is this romantic vacation hotspot, and they were not even allowed to shoot the movie in Dubai because they are considered whores there. So what do they do? Like good whores, they serve their pimp ANYWAY.

They made the movie, the commercial, the disgusting lie that it is.

Would you go see that movie?

American Rose said...

Well, I have seen the movie. And I don't think it was nearly as bad as the reviews. YOu know it was written by a gay man?

The movie attempts to tackle the ridiculous mores of pisslam. It was a commendable mission. Someone's got to point out how incredibly repressive and dumb mooslums are. Who better than the sex-obssessed women of S&TC?

But, thanks for answering, cause now I understand your use of the word whore. Cause I was pretty sure that you liked, you really liked, whorish women. And despite my watching this series with great delight, I always thought even Charlotte, the "good girl," was way too promiscuous, but never did they ever provide sex for money, except for Carrie, and that was a big misunderstaning with a Frenchman who just "thought" she was a whore:) Carrie was never a working girl, she just really liked having sex with a lot of different men. Stupid Frenchman. He apparently couldn't tell the difference between a whore and a promiscuous woman who gladly demeans herself with meaningless sexual liaisons. Ewwwwlala. Of course, this was a fictional series. No woman would really behave as flagrantly as these women did?

But you could also look at them making a commercial for Dubai as a slight against Dubai, which ultimately the movie is. Dubai does not come off very good in the movie. They even manage to point out the exploitation of foreign labor there.

Anonymous said...


I think you took the use of the word "whore" there way too literally.

I understood what Pastorius meant right away.

American Rose said...

Yeah, you're right AA. But what he didn't know was the movie was no valentine to Dubai.

Pastorius said...

You wrote: But you could also look at them making a commercial for Dubai as a slight against Dubai, which ultimately the movie is. Dubai does not come off very good in the movie. They even manage to point out the exploitation of foreign labor there.

I respond, Yeah, you're right. I did not know the movie took on the mores of islam, and I did not know it attacked anything about UAE culture, because that is not what I read in any review of the movie.

Ok, if that is so, then I do admire the movie, and the women for having been involved in the making of the movie


And AA is right, you interpret my use the word whore too literally.

I think I must speak in some sort of media-saturated code, because I know my friends understand what I'm talking about, but often you do not, AR. I think my language is shallow, and I use words in a way which is fluid. My use of words is often colloquial and slang-ish. If you do not think the way I think, you will not get me.

It's not a matter of intelligence. It's a matter of your apparently not being saturated with as much stupidity as I am in my life.