Monday, March 28, 2011

CIA: ‘stunned by the frequency and visibility of Bin Laden’s movements in and around the Hindu Kush in last weeks'

Asia Times: GO READ

So if he is so visible, and so confident, and travels almost openly….



Anonymous said...

Could be psy ops . . .
a comment over at WeaselZippers by one using the nic "Realwest" dug up the following regarding the story about bin Laden:

"Well, completely aside from the fact that I believe that bin Laden was in fact killed in Tora Bora (HEY – before that campaign you couldn’t keep his mug off of video tapes; since then only audio tapes “verified” by the CIA. Lord Help US).

However the major tip off about this story is that it’s from the Asia Times and was written by:
Syed Saleem Shahzad is Asia Times Online’s Pakistan Bureau Chief and AUTHOR OF AN UPCOMING BOOK Inside al-Qaeda and the Taliban, beyond 9/11 published by Pluto Press, UK. He can be reached at"

Another rumor bites the dust?. . .
Libyan TV shows footage of Gadhafi's son Khamis - rumored to have been killed earlier- greeting supporters - Reuters

Epaminondas said...

Actually Shahzad has written some very interesting stuff from about 1998 on. And he HAS BEEN INSIDE MULTIPLE TIMES.

Asia Times has a point of view, and they publish people like the grand moron Ted Levine, but they are as correct as Debka.

Attention should be paid