Friday, March 25, 2011

Has Anyone Ever Said It Better?

Congressman Allen West Answers A Constituents Concerns About Islam


Unknown said...

Allen West: The REAL Captain America.

Pastorius said...

Colonel America.


Damien said...


Allen West is not only smart, he is also eloquent. I'm really glad we have someone like him.

cjk said...

Above all he knows right and wrong, he knows where he stands, he knows where his enemies stand, and he's not afraid to say so.

American Rose said...

I would like him to question not only pisslamic ideology and customs, but also the psychopathology of a people who venerate a murdering, thieving, raping, pedophile. I want to hear more people, including West, attack the pisslamic model man. How could anyone? We must expose moehammy for what he was: a psychopath.

ronmorgen said...

I like him because He speaks truthfully, clearly, and to the point, and he does not raise his voice. He knows how to speak with authority.

Pastorius said...

I think, AR, that we will not see him do it.

Allen West is a Military man who is playing in the arena of politics now.

As a military man he understands authority.

The hierarchy of authority dictates that one does not speak on issues which are outside the purview of one's own authority, unless one is asked to do so by one with more authority.

Allen West may decide to seek the office of President of the US. If he does become President, he still may believe it is not his place to speak on the nature of Islam. As he says in this video, his responsibility would be to be the President of all the American people.

It is really more the responsibility of academics, writers, and clergy people to attack Islam at it's root.

Epaminondas said...

We don't need to attack Islam at it's root.

All we need to do is recognize that the ascendant form of Islam CANNOT coexist with those who are DETERMINED that the people are sovereign.

To such people we arrogate God's authority.

And are intolerable.

And we will be compelled sooner or later to resist or submit.

Not by our choice.



I LOVE this guy!

Pastorius said...

I see what you mean, Epa.

You know, we don't find it necessary to attack Hinduism at it's root, because the ascendent form of Hinduism is not producing much death and destruction these days.

If Indian people were coming to America and insist we accept the Caste System and develop a Vrindivan forest for the widows, then we would be attacking Hinduism in the same way we attack Islam.

Here's the difference I would have with you, Epa. I think as a government we do not need to attack Islam at it's root. But, as a website, we do have to do exactly that.

The foundational ideas of Islam need to be shown to the world, analyzed, and shown to be lacking.

cjk said...

American Rose: I am in complete agreement with the need to attack the 'perfect man' GAG, it is a very weak point of Mohammedanism because the scumbag is so easy to prove evil.

The gloves need to come off. It is all of our duty to expose the terrorist pedophile to sunlight. Truth is the antidote to Mohammedanism, and showing the wicked scumbag profit for just what he is, is one of the easiest roads to that end. In a sane world we would have VOA transmitters blasting Moe truths worldwide.

Anonymous said...

CJK & AR: Historically people that attacked Mohammed's credibility were murdered on Mohammed the perfect man's orders. Examples include Abu Afak and Asma Bint Marwan. It is little wonder that same goes on today. I am not surprised that peopel don't question Islam and its founder's credibility. It has become synonymous with "poking the bear".

In the decades to come, we might replace "poking the bear" with "criticizing Islam".

To come to the point though, yeah, deconstruct Islam and see where that goes. It is very easy to do but in the end, no one listens.

cjk said...

That's why AR is correct in the desire to see our leadership set that example. They can't kill our leaders without a risk of response and a further shining of light on the subject. The LAST thing they want is to bring attention to truth.
I believe you're right in your final assessment that no one may listen, but alas, that's the fate of this world IMO.
However, if Mohammedanism were to be defeated by humanity, the philosophical battle would have to be won first. The adoration and truth about Moe is as good a place as any to start

Anonymous said...


I agree with that a 100%. And that is what we have all been doing for a long time now. I think I am just down a little seeing that the US has gone in to Libya which has in turn helped Al Qaeda get better weapons so close to Israel.

America should have taken a side and stuck to it on September 11th, 2001 but the administration got busy apologizing for Islam.