Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wafa Sultan on Bill O'Reilly

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs:

O'Reilly's dhimmitude is disgusting.

Dr. Sultan won't let him off the hook.


Pastorius said...

Do you think maybe he's playing stupid?

Pastorius said...

He ought to feel justified in expressing outrage.

Always On Watch said...

I don't think that O'Reilly is playing stupid.

The past few years, he's had CAIR on the show several times. Never once did he really pin down the CAIR rep!

Pastorius said...

To me, it looks like he's speaking out of two sides of his face.

There has to be a reason for that.

Damien said...


I don't know if he understands what CAIR is really about, but so, O'Reilly really needs to do his research. There's a significant threat that Islam poses to our society right now as well as the rest of the free world.

Epaminondas said...

O'Reilly just can't bring himself to believe the 5 cards the west is holding.

He probably feels no abrahamic religion can say what the Quran compels, and that those who ARE saying these things are making some kind of error.

I understand. It's very human.


Anne said...

I can't take O'Reilly any more. Was so glad to see Dr. Sultan, but O'reilly still doesn't get it. Beck & Hannity are on to the islamists and have good guests on. Maybe O'Reilly is getting pressure from Murdoch to soft pedal the jihad threat?

Prince al-waleed has to be whining about Beck & Hannity...Doesn't his "highness" have financial interests (stock holdings)in Newscorp?

Epaminondas said...

Andrew Bostom tasks O'Reilly