Friday, March 25, 2011

Homophobic Barbarians: 10 Reasons Every Gay American Needs to Support the War Against Islamofascism

From News Real Blog:

For all the screaming about intolerance and bigotry against gays here in America — driven by many people’s objection to changing the definition of the centuries-old institution of marriage — many so-called liberals don’t seem to notice the actual intolerance and murder being meted out on gays in Muslim countries. Homosexuals living in Muslim countries suffer dire consequences for coming out including whipping, banishment, humiliation and even death by stoning, hanging or familial stabbing in accordance with Islamic law. Homosexuals in the Muslim culture are encouraged to commit suicide rather than bring shame on their families.

While the biggest argument regarding homosexuals in America today revolves around which political party gets to invite them to gala events, gays in the Muslim world are fighting for their very lives. Instead of rallying against the Islamization of the West and the homophobia that comes with it, the Left spends its time identifying conservative “hate groups,” none of which include Muslims who hate homosexuals.

There is always the possibility that American gay rights activists haven’t heard of the many atrocities perpetrated on homosexuals by Islam due to the deafening silence of the old media on anything that can be construed as criticism of the ‘religion of peace.’ I aim to change that. The following are ten reasons gays need to join the fight to beat back the growing Islamofascist threat.

10. Bangladesh refugees
Many gays living in Muslim countries have tried to claim refugee status in free nations with tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are denied and told to act less gay to avoid problems in their home countries. An unidentified gay couple from Bangladesh who had been stoned, whipped and threatened with death if caught, tried to seek refugee protections in Australia but were turned down.
When the review tribunal rejected their application for refugee status last year, it said the couple had “lived together for over four years without experiencing any more than minor problems … they clearly conducted themselves in a discreet manner, and there is no reason to suppose that they would not continue to do so if they returned home now.”
Minor problems? I’ve heard Australians are tough, but how much more than stoning, whipping and fatwas on your head do you have to go through before they call it a major problem? For whatever reason, the government of Australia doesn’t have much sympathy for gays in the Islamic world. The question is, will they have any sympathy for Australian gays when the Islamists come for them?

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